While Demi Lovato Was Pushing Sobriety To Fans, She Was Using Cocaine And More

Demi Lovato is now speaking out to say that while she was talking about her sobriety and promoting it to fans, she continued to use drugs. Lovato explains that even while traveling with s sober companion, she continued to use drugs like cocaine and drink on the sly. Demi Lovato’s manager, Phil McIntyre, said it was obvious that Demi Lovato was on something, but he didn’t know what. During that time, Lovato was going on radio and television interviews to tell her fans about the wonders of sobriety.

In her new documentary, Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated, Lovato explains to her fans that back in 2012, she was a fraud when she spoke of her sobriety. Demi Lovato says the truth is, she didn’t want to get sober, and she wasn’t working any kind of program. She was sneaking cocaine on planes and using it in the bathroom. Lovato says that there was a two-month stretch where she “went on a bender” using cocaine daily.

“There was one night when I used a bunch of coke and I popped a few Xanax bars, and I began to choke a little bit. My heart started racing, and I thought to myself, ‘Oh my God, I might be overdosing right now.’”

Phil McIntyre, who has been Demi Lovato’s manager for years, says that part of their tour was Demi Lovato talking about her new, sober way of life when she was obviously high.

“We were in New York and she clearly was on something, and she was on air promoting this new way of life, and I was like, ‘You’re so full of it.’”

McIntyre then reached out to Demi’s sober coach and also to CAST Centers partner, a treatment center that Demi Lovato now owns, to figure out what to do. But Lovato explains that she continued to use while having a sober companion and says she went through 20 of them through the years. After one incident, Demi Lovato was placed in a psychiatric unit where she said she still used drugs.

“I would sneak out and get drugs, I would fake my drug tests with other people’s pee.”

Demi Lovato says when all else failed, she would get drunk in her hotel room while traveling. And it was alcohol that she used on the final binge night before she got serious about her sobriety.

“The very last night that I drank, I was at a hotel, and I invited two random people and basically just drank with them. I got really, really drunk until it was time to get on a flight, and I was so drunk that I threw up in the back of the car service on the way to the airport to perform on American Idol.”

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Demi Lovato says that she was finally forced to accept change when her management team threatened to quit. Mike Bayer, Lovato’s personal-development coach, said that Demi Lovato has a fear of abandonment and a fear that people are going to leave her, so the team threatening to walk out was a big deal.

Lovato says her team explained that either she got sober or they were gone.

“It wasn’t a matter of if they’re going to leave; it was they’re leaving. ‘There’s nothing more we can do for you.’”

Demi Lovato then, as a show of genuine effort, smashed her cell phone to cut off her access to her drug dealer.

“It was the beginning of the process of surrendering.”


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In Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated, Demi Lovato tells her fans that she continues to battle an eating disorder and there are many days when it’s still a struggle. Lovato says that she’s learned that it no longer works for her to keep secrets.

“I’ve learned that the key to being happy is to tell your truth and be OK without all the answers.”

Are you surprised that Demi Lovato was still using cocaine and other drugs for all of those years?

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