‘Survivor’ Season 35 Recap: Week 4 – I Don’t Like Having Snakes Around

It was all about the tribe swap on Survivor Season 35 tonight, as viewers saw new tribes formed and new alliances needing to be formed on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. It gave us an interesting tribal council, as a secret advantage was in the mix, but who got voted off Survivor tonight? Find out the Week 4 results below in our Survivor Season 35 recap.

Last week on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, viewers saw love blooming between Cole and Jessica. He felt so comfortable around her, he even told her that Joe found an idol, which he was supposed to keep a secret. Later, he would blurt it to the whole tribe, as he wanted to use it as power to blindside Joe, but the Healers did not lose the immunity challenge and were safe for the night. The Hustlers Tribe lost the challenge, as they headed back to tribal council. This time around they voted off Patrick, who was blindsided by this one.

Tribe Swap

Things started right away, as the castaways arrive at a challenge, but Jeff Probst surprised them all. He said to drop their buffs, as the tribes swapped! The new tribes are:

  • Blue Tribe (Levu Tribe) – Alan, Ashley, Desi, Joe, and Devon
  • Yellow Tribe (Soko Tribe) – Ryan, Ali, Chrissy, JP, and Roark
  • Red Tribe (Yawa Tribe) – Jessica, Mike, Cole, Lauren, and Ben

Reward Challenge

The new tribes on Survivor Season 35 got a chance to see how they worked together, as they faced a reward challenge. For this challenge, three castaways were tied together and had to work together to untie the rope as they went through some obstacles. Once through the obstacles, they would use a ring to hook a sled, which contained the puzzle pieces. Once hooked, they had to pull the sled back. The other two castaways on the tribe would use the pieces to complete a puzzle. The first tribe done would win peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to eat now. They would also get more peanut butter, jelly, and bread to make sandwiches in the future and a bag of potato chips for each castaway.


There was only one winner on this one, as the Levu Tribe never got the ring on the hook, so they were way out of it. The Yawa Tribe finished the puzzle first, so peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for everyone on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

Getting To Know New Tribe Members

The Yawa Tribe enjoyed their reward and getting to know each other. Ben felt like he was an outcast being the only Hero on the tribe. Jessica found a secret advantage in her chips, which let her block one person from voting at the next tribal council. If they won immunity, then she had to send it to one person on the losing tribe.

On the Soko Tribe, Ryan and Chrissy are on the same tribe now, so he told her about sending the first advantage to her during the first tribal council. She felt relieved, as now she felt like she had someone to work with on the new tribe. For the Levu Tribe, it was a battle to get Devon on their side, as he was the only Hustler on the tribe. Joe lied to him and said that the Heroes on the tribe both said they wanted Devon gone.

Secret Advantage Drama

Lauren decided to use the secret advantage knowledge to her advantage, as she mentioned it to Mike. He already knew, since Jessica told him and Cole only. Mike acted like he did not know, but then he went to Jessica and asked her how Lauren knew. Cole eventually admitted he told Ben about it, which hurt Jessica and she knew that Cole screwed her over.

Immunity Challenge

For this challenge on Survivor Season 35, the castaways would maneuver a crate of puzzle pieces through a series of obstacles. Once done, they would get a second set of puzzle pieces. They must put the puzzle together and the first two tribes won immunity.


All of the tribes were working on the puzzle at the same time, so this was a close one. Yawa and Soko Tribes won this challenge, as the Levu Tribe lost another challenge tonight. That meant they were headed to tribal council and Jessica gets to give one of the castaways her secret advantage. She said she wants to keep the Healers on the tribe safe.

Figuring Out The Votes

Back at camp, it was time for the Levu Tribe to work out the votes and which side would win Devon over. Devon asked Ashley about wanting to vote him out, which she denied. Devon said he sensed Joe was lying to him. Desi saw them hug afterwards, so she ran to Joe and told him. This turned into major drama between them all, as Joe blew up his own game and threw Desi under the bus. She told him to play the idol for her. Before heading to tribal, they showed Devon receiving the secret advantage.

Tribal Council

Alan said it has been a long day and Joe was anxious to get tribal started. Desi said names were thrown out and she got thrown under the bus. Devon said it is out in the open that he is the swing vote on Survivor Season 35. Right before the vote, Devon opened his secret advantage and found out he could not vote tonight. The other four castaways would only be voting tonight.


Jeff tallied the votes and Joe played the hidden immunity idol and used it to save himself. That means any votes for him were thrown out. Jeff read the votes and it was two votes for Joe, so they were thrown out. The next two votes are for Alan, so he was voted off tonight on Survivor 2017.

What do you think of the results on Survivor Season 35 tonight?

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