WWE News: Big ‘SmackDown Live’ Match Takes Place After Show Went Off TV

On the latest episode of WWE’s SmackDown Live, fans saw some things go down on television, but there was another match held after the TV show was over. Just like fans saw after last week’s SmackDown Live show, the WWE Champion Jinder Mahal was involved in the fight. However, he had a brand new competitor in his latest encounter in the ring. Here are the latest details on who Mahal fought and if he still has the championship belt.

A report via Wrestling Rumors on Tuesday night noted that “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles and “The Modern Day Maharaja” had a match after SmackDown Live had gone off of television. It was reported it was just a singles match without Jinder Mahal’s WWE Championship on the line this time around. However, it was also mentioned that Styles picked up the big victory in this particular scenario.

A YouTube video of the dark match emerged online. It shows Styles punching one of The Singh Brothers off the apron as the match gets going which allows Mahal to try to gain an advantage. Styles and Mahal locked up in the ring. Dueling chants of “You can’t wrestle” and “He’s the champ” were heard as Styles starts to hit several big moves, including a flying forearm to Mahal while seated on the ring mat. Styles also hit a big move on Jinder in the corner of the ring.

Styles battles Mahal in dark match after SmackDown

Later, the video shows Styles having to clear the ring of The Singh Brothers. Towards the end of the video, Styles finally connects on his finisher. After a “Phenomenal Forearm,” Styles takes the clean pinfall in the center of the ring. Unfortunately for his fans, the title wasn’t on the line, but most fans would want to see Styles capture it on TV or during a pay-per-view. For all intents and purposes, Mahal is still champion, so this match may have been more for practice ahead of a pay-per-view bout.

AJ Styles is expected to be next on the list of competitors for Jinder Mahal after a rumored Survivor Series match between the WWE Champion and WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. Styles and Mahal had been part of a segment earlier during the televised portion of SmackDown Live in which Mahal called Styles “unworthy” of facing the champion. Styles, the former United States and WWE World Heavyweight Champion, took exception to Mahal’s claims and ended up clearing him from the ring along with The Singh Brothers.

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