‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Sets The Stage For A Battle Of The Sexes As The Zodiac Killer Is Revealed

American Horror Story: Cult has already seen twists and changes this season. Creator Ryan Murphy had promised a season based on the presidential election our country went through last year and brought that in the form of Kai (Evan Peters) running for a seat on the local City Council. Of course, this is AHS, and it can’t be that simple. Kai is a powerful and dangerous cult leader who will do anything to further his agenda.

In Episode 7, fans of American Horror Story: Cult learned that Kai had begun to surround himself with new followers, all of which are white men. He has also betrayed his loyal follower and local reporter, Beverly Hope (Adina Porter). She was supposed to be his partner but has been pushed aside now that he has been elected.

Francis Conroy returned to AHS as Bebe Babbit. She claims to be the former lover of the woman who tried to murder Andy Warhol, Valerie Solanas. Bebe claims that Valerie was the author of the SCUM (Society For Cutting Up Men) manifesto that called for men and women who slept with them to be killed. While Bebe claims that Valerie’s followers began a murder spree that became known as the Zodiac Killer’s crimes, one of the gay men in SCUM took credit for the murders.

According to Vanity Fair, the whole Zodiac Killer storyline could lead to a problem. In Season 5, Evan Peters met with the spirits of a group of serial killers. The Zodiac Killer was there for the celebration of Devil’s Night at the Hotel Cortez. In the American Horror Story series, the Zodiac Killer was a lone male killer, not a group of women who followed Valerie Solanas.


This season of American Horror Story: Cult is over halfway through. There are a lot of unanswered questions that Ryan Murphy will have to address before the final credits of Episode 11. Fans are bound to see things heat up between Kai and the followers that helped him get elected as he turns his back on them. Kai seems to be getting the reaction he wants, however, as he shared with Bebe that when the original group is angry, they are at their best.

Do you think Kai wants to alienate his original followers? Will American Horror Story: Cult reveal hidden secrets regarding the Zodiac Killer? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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