Amazing Map Shows Most Popular Candy In Each State, See Your Area’s Best-Selling Candy In Time For Halloween

Different strokes for different folks — at least that’s what this map of the best-selling candy in each state shows.

While eager trick or treaters wait for Halloween to arrive, was busy compiling a list of the best-selling candy brands in each US State. The candy giant just released an incredibly detailed and delicious map that ranks the top-selling candy on a state-by-state basis. According to Fox News, the bulk candy wholesaler and retailer used their data from 2007 to 2016 to compile the giant list. estimates that a whopping $2.7 billion will be spent on Halloween candy this year alone. That is why they decided to compile their data of candy sales over the last decade to provide customers with a state by state breakdown. That way, people in states around the country can get it right this year by picking the top-selling candy for trick or treaters to enjoy.

On their website, makes sure that they clarify that this isn’t necessarily the most popular candy in each state but the data does show the frequency in which a specific candy was purchased by customers in a certain state. The interactive map has been making its way around the internet and it was even featured on Kathy Lee and Hoda on one of their Halloween segments.


In a chart on the website, the lists a ton of data for candy lovers. In each state, data doesn’t just show the best-selling candy, they also show the second and third runner-ups as well as how many pounds of each candy was sold. California, for example, listed the ever-popular M&M as their top-seller with over 1.5 million pounds sold. In second place for the Golden State was Salt Water Taffy with over 1.3 million pounds sold. And not surprisingly, the third place finisher was Skittles with just over 1 million pounds sold.

If you go to, you can check out the specific data from your area via the interactive map or the interactive chart. Believe it or not, Candy Corn was the best-selling candy in six states. A few candy dark horses that people may not expect include Dubble Bubble Gum in Montana, Hot Tamales in North Dakota, and Lemonheads in Louisiana.

Did the results in your state surprise you?

[Featured Image by Leena Robinson/Shutterstock]