Jill Duggar Shows Nothing’s Wrong With New Baby Samuel Dillard, Fans Slam Husband And Josh Duggar On Instagram

Jill Duggar has been going through some rough times recently. This past July, her delivery of the new baby, Samuel Dillard, got complicated, and she had to be rushed to the hospital for a C-section. After Jill and Derick Dillard announced the arrival of their baby son, they did not give as many updates about their boy as they did for their first baby. This got Counting On fans wondering and worrying whether there is something wrong with baby Samuel.

When she did post pictures of him, she got a lot of criticism for her parenting techniques. The incident that drew the most attention was when she used a tortilla as a hat for Samuel.

“When you take 2 babies out for the day in the open when it’s obviously very warm and sunny, you pack hats and sunscreen, warm clothes in case the weather turns, even if you don’t end up needing them,” one fan commented. “Sorry but a tortilla? Really? Imagine how hot that would get, his head would be fried.”

Others also noticed that she always puts the new baby’s hands in mittens and started wondering if there is something wrong with his hands.

“That baby is too old to have mittens on,” another wrote. “He needs to be able to touch things!”

Considering that Jill had a hard time giving birth to Samuel, and she does not nearly post as frequently as she did when she had Israel, the fans seem to be preoccupied with the health and the well being of the new baby.

To quash all worries, her husband, Derick Dillard, posted a picture of three of them during their time in Washington D.C. Here, the family is pictured without their first son to make sure that the attention falls on Samuel.

Instead of focusing on how well the new baby is doing, the fans immediately launched into a debate about the hypocrisy of the Duggar family, Derick’s attempt to get more money from his fans through a fundraiser, and Josh Duggar’s crimes against his wife and sisters.

“I was a fan in the beginning,” one fan wrote. “I thought it was interesting the way they handled such a large family. I started to notice some things that were sketchy. I did some digging. Finding out they are Quiverfull and belong to the IBLP was enough for me, then it came out that Josh is an untreated serial child molester. Seeing how they mishandled the situation and protected the abuser over the victims sickened me.”

After announcing the arrival of his fifth baby, Josh Duggar has reduced his appearance on family social media. His wife, Anna Duggar, continues to make posts on Twitter, but they decided to remain quiet for the criticism to blow over.

But, from the comments like the one quoted above, it looks like the fans are still outraged by the fact that the 29-year-old Duggar is still accepted by his family.

Other followers commented on the fact that Derick asked the fans for donations but still chooses to not hold down a job.

“Derick I thought you claimed you had a real job? Your whole life is a vacation,” a fan wrote. “Stop begging gullible people for their money that they earn.”

Do you think Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard will ever stop receiving so much criticism? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Derick Dillard/Instagram]