‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason And Drew Share The Same Memories, But Is One Of Them Really An Impostor?

There is so much happening on General Hospital right now with the huge story line concerning the true identity of Jason Morgan. It will be a while before all is revealed, but the ABC soap has been teasing fans with a few tidbits along the way. Another preview was posted that raises questions on whether there is an impostor in Port Charles.

General Hospital sent out a clip on Tuesday indicating that one of the men who is claiming to be Jason Morgan is an impostor. Could it be that the current Jason, played by Billy Miller, is the impostor, or is he the real deal after all? Steve Burton’s character, currently called Patient 6, is back in town and wants to reconnect with his family and friends. However, he is about to realize that his life has been taken over by a man claiming to be him.

It is all a complicated story that is playing out on General Hospital right now. It has been revealed that Jason Morgan had a twin brother named Andrew, but according to Franco’s mother, he died when he was quite young. Franco isn’t quite convinced of that and is on the hunt to make sure she was telling the truth.

It seems to be obvious at this point that both men who claim to be Jason are the twin brothers. Drew is not dead as Betsy claimed. However, they both have the same memories of Jason’s life growing up, working for Sonny Corinthos, and being married to Sam. How can that be?

The General Hospital preview indicates that one of them is indeed an impostor. When Billy Miller came to Port Charles, he didn’t have any memories of his past life as Jason. He was known as Jake Doe, but then slowly got most of his memories back. However, he is not the same man that he used to be, and that is most likely because he isn’t. Both Carly and Sam have said out loud that he is so different, but they have now accepted it. Sam may have even embraced the change and is now over the moon with happiness.

On Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, Patient 6 realized that his wife had moved on. He also found out later that there was someone in Port Charles running around claiming to be Jason Morgan. Which man is the real deal? Were the two men switched at some point when they were kids? Did Helena get hold of them to screw with their memories?

While there are a few possibilities on what could be developing in this story line, there is also a chance that maybe the man viewers have known as Jason Morgan for years is actually Drew. It could be that the current Jason Morgan, aka Billy Miller, is the real Jason after all. However, there is also a chance that he could end up to be Drew. Does he actually know who he is and is impersonating his twin brother Jason? The true meaning of an impostor is someone who is knowingly claiming to be someone else in order to deceive them. Is this what is happening here? Or is it just how Patient 6 views this situation at the moment?

There are so many different directions that this story line could go. What are your thoughts on which man is really Jason Morgan? How will General Hospital explain the same memories that both men have?

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