Kardashians Urge That Blac Chyna Was High On Coke, Booze When She Attacked Rob Kardashian

The Kardashians are responding to Blac Chyna’s lawsuit by saying that it wasn’t Rob who attacked Blac Chyna in the domestic violence incident, they are saying it was Chyna who put the beatdown on Rob as she was drunk and on cocaine after a wild night at a strip club.

Blac Chyna is suing all the Kardashians, including Rob, Kris, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim, plus two Jenners, Kylie and Kendall, saying they sabotaged her reality show (with Rob Kardashian). Chyna is also holding them responsible for an alleged beating she says she took from Rob back in April. Blac Chyna has lawyered up by hiring Harvey Weinstein’s former attorney Lisa Bloom to represent her, and yes, she’s seeking a large payday, saying the Kardashians are “vindictive.”

And the Kardashians are saying that the idea that Blac Chyna is blaming the cancellation of her show on them is ridiculous. The Kardashians believe that Blac Chyna should take a good look at the two people involved in the show Rob & Chyna if she’s looking to assign blame. They claim that it was a lack of professionalism on behalf of Chyna, and yes Rob Kardashian that tanked the show. Sources claim that neither Chyna nor Rob was willing to work hard.

“Rob has been skipping filming over the last month, complaining that the show is compromising their relationship. [Kardashian] ‘believes KUWTK has destroyed his family.”

Kardashian sources contacted TMZ to say that the idea that Rob Kardashian attacked Blac Chyna is crazy because it was the other way around. The Kardashian family says that the real story is that even with a baby at home, Blac Chyna couldn’t stop partying, which included heavy drinking and cocaine use.

“They claim the night before the incident, Chyna was using coke and drinking alcohol from morning till night. They say later that night Chyna and Rob went to a strip club and Chyna got a stripper to come home with them.”

When they returned home with the stripper in tow, Rob Kardashian watched baby Dream and King Cairo, Blac Chyna’s other child, while Chyna and the stripper did more coke. The next morning Kardashian had to kick the stripper out, and Chyna lost it, throwing things at Rob Kardashian and attacking him. Rob Kardashian swears he never hit her, he just defended himself.

Rob Kardashian says that it’s ironic that on that day, he had an appointment with the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services, which has an open investigation into Blac Chyna. He says he kept his mouth closed and didn’t mention the previous night and the heavy cocaine use.

Lawyer Shawn Holly is representing the Kardashian family in this matter, and she says any incident on that day is the fault of Blac Chyna.

“We have witness statements and other evidence which will demonstrate conclusively that it is Chyna — not Rob — who is the violent and aggressive abuser.”

But Blac Chyna still insists that she is being crushed by the powerful Kardashian machine. In her filing prepared by Lisa Bloom, Blac Chyna says that he ex, Rob Kardashian, and his family have “damaged her brand.” She also says this summer when Rob Kardashian shared nude photos of her on social media with a hateful curse-filled rant, he proved that he was trying to harm her reputation. Chyna claims that it was that event that caused the cancellation of Rob & Chyna, and shortly after, season two was canceled for good.


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For his part, Rob Kardashian is said to be staying out of the limelight, and he and the Kardashian family will let Shawn Holley respond to Blac Chyna’s lawsuit. A Kardashian family source says Rob Kardashian is doing just fine.

“Rob is okay. Rob and Chyna have other issues they need to figure out, but this is a good start. Ultimately, he mostly cared about hashing out a custody agreement for Dream. He loves his baby girl and she is his focus.”

Do you think that Blac Chyna will be successful suing the whole Kardashian family for her professional failure? Do you think both Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna share blame in their show getting cancelled?

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