Kristen Bell Talks About Her Diet And Why She Is No Longer A Strict Vegan

While Kristen Bell has been a vegetarian since she was 11 years old, in 2012 she and her husband Dax Shepard decided to become vegans after they watched a documentary titled Forks Over Knives. However, it would seem that while the actress is still a strong supporter of the lifestyle, she is no longer a strict vegan, and in a new interview she explained why her diet has changed.

During a recent interview with Today, Kristen Bell, who was on the set of her upcoming Netflix comedy, opened up about her diet and the first food she plans to order when she gets back home from filming. Apparently the first thing that Bell wants to add to her shopping cart with Amazon is cheese. In fact, she shared that the first grocery order will include “a baguette, some burrata and some basil.”

Although Kristen Bell was a strict vegan for a number of years, she explained that it was ultimately not sustainable for her, especially during her pregnancy. The actress explained that during her first pregnancy she was working, and she had a feeling that she needed more calories in her diet. She said that it was actually something she was very conscious of at the time. Plus, with two pregnancies back to back, it was important that she sustain her caloric intake.

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Kristen Bell joked that living in California means that she lives in “the dietary-restriction capital of the universe,” and cooking for her friends can be quite the challenge with their restrictive diets. However, when it comes to cooking for Dax Shepard and her children, the actress finds it a lot easier because they are willing to try new things. While Bell said that she is still proud to be a vegetarian, Shepard has admitted to eating chicken still, whereas the actress does not eat any meat because she apparently has no “craving for it.”

While she may not be a strict vegan anymore, Kristen Bell did say that she truly believes in being “a conscientious eater,” which means that even when she is eating eggs or dairy-based products, she looks to places that treat the animals humanely. She also said that even if she went back to being a vegan, it would not be simply for the sake of the animals, but rather because she believes veganism is a “wonderful way to live” and has a positive effect on one’s health and body, as well as the environment.

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