‘Sex And The City’ Movie: Will Kim Cattrall’s Character Samantha Jones Be Killed Off?

Sex and the City 3 was supposed to happen just weeks ago but after Kim Cattrall refused to participate in production, the film was reportedly canned.

Although producers reportedly decided against moving forward with the movie after learning that Cattrall would not be on board, a new report claims the film could now be a possibly — but not until Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw, allegedly gets rid of Samantha Jones.

“Sarah and Kim have never really gotten along in real life and Sarah blames Kim for the latest stoppage of [Sex and the City 3],” a source explained to Straight Shuter, via Radar Online, on October 17.

According to the report, Sarah Jessica Parker believes that it may be best to move forward with the third installment of Sex and the City without her co-star, Cattrall. As for how she’s planning on doing so, the insider said that Parker has reportedly decided to kill off Cattrall’s character, who is known for her wealth and promiscuous behavior.

Throughout Sex and the City‘s run, Kim Cattrall’s character has faced a number of health issues and is known to be much older than the other women of the cast, including Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis. So, when it comes to potentially killing off Cattrall’s character, it wouldn’t be the hardest thing for producers to orchestrate into the storyline.

While Sarah Jessica Parker has stayed mum on past reports of an on-set feud between herself and Kim Cattrall, she did admit that she was disappointed to hear that Catrall was standing in the way of a third installment of Sex and the City.

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Weeks ago, after rumors began swirling in regard to the return of Sex and the City, Kim Cattrall was said to have shut down the project with her diva-like demands. However, during an interview a short time later, she denied doing any such thing, explaining that she was always against the idea and gave producers a firm “no.” As for the allegations of money demands and other projects, Cattrall labeled the reports as “absolutely ridiculous.”

Kim Cattrall then bashed her former Sex and the City co-star, Sarah Jessica Parker, for saying she was “disappointed” in her decision. As she explained, Parker could have been a lot nicer with her comments regarding the potentially upcoming Sex and the City movie.

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