‘GTA Online’ Transform Races Update Lets Players Switch Vehicle Types Mid-Race

New Transform Races are now available in the online mode for Grand Theft Auto V. As an extension of Stunt Races in GTA Online, Transform Races feature a new racing mechanic that allows players to switch vehicle types at checkpoints during a race. In a Transform Race, players may start a race in an ATV, hit a point where they race in a boat, and end the competition in a helicopter.

Transform Races created by Rockstar Games are available now, and they are worth double RP and cash for a limited time. In total, 15 new Transform Races are now live in GTA Online. Each one features multiple vehicles on tracks all over San Andreas. The Junk Yard Transform Race, for instance, features three vehicle types according to the game’s official website. Players will ride motorcycles, race jet skis, and pilot planes all in one race.

GTA Online players will know a vehicle transformation is about to happen as they approach checkpoints on a map. A red ring with a blue icon of the upcoming vehicle will be visible before the switch occurs. When players hit one of these checkpoints, the transformation is instant as the existing vehicle disappears in a cloud of smoke revealing the new mode of transportation.

15 new Transform Races now live in GTA Online
Hitting the upcoming checkpoint will put players in aircraft. [Image by Rockstar Games]

Although only the Transform Races by Rockstar Games are available right now, players will be able to create their own Transform Races soon. As the Inquisitr reported, the ability to create custom Transform Races will be added later in the year. More Transform Races created by Rockstar Games are planned to release in the future, too.

A new set of bonuses and sales are also live now in GTA Online. Lamar’s Contact Missions are worth double RP and cash right now alongside a number of sales. Players can save 25 percent off select Smuggler’s Run content like the Buckingham Alpha Z1, the LF-22 Starling, and the V-65 Molotok. The “Buy It Now” prices and trade prices are both discounted for this promotion.

The Grotti Visione and the Ocelot XA-21 are also 25 percent off for a limited time. A 25 percent discount on engine upgrades, handling upgrades, suspension upgrades, and turbo upgrades are also available in GTA Online through October 26.

[Featured Image by Rockstar Games]