‘Alaskan Bush People’ Rumors: Is That An Accent Fans Hear Or An Untreated Speech Impediment?

Fans of Alaskan Bush People know that the Brown children have their own unique way of talking. Living in the backcountry of Alaska with little socialization with people outside the family, they have not been exposed to a lot of different accents but have developed their own. Some fans, however, are wondering if what we are calling an accent might actually be a speech impediment that affects each of the offspring.

Billy and Ami Brown are natives of Texas. When they speak, fans of Alaskan Bush People can hear their southern accents. Having raised their seven children in rural Alaska, the siblings didn’t pick up the southern accent of their parents, but rather a unique dialect that has caused questions for many fans.

As the Wolfpack stayed together and created homesteads, they lived a very isolated life. According to In Touch Weekly, Billy Brown has said that the family never realized any of them had an accent until after the show began airing in 2014. Fans pointed out the accent and began asking questions.

According to social media posts, fans feel that the voices of the Brown children all have an old-fashioned accent to them. It is the way they pronounce certain words, and the emphasis that is put on the syllables of particular words, that makes their dialect unique. As with most accents, it becomes heightened at times for some of the Brown clan, like when they express excitement or anxiety. The thing is, there is no one particular accent to which the fans can link the unique sound. It isn’t a southern accent, as their parents, of course, have.


A new concern was recently brought up by fans of Alaskan Bush People. Could it possibly be a speech impediment rather than an accent? If so, what are the chances of each of the siblings having a form of the speech impediment that has gone undiagnosed due to the lack of medical care available in the backcountry, where they had their home?

Do you hear a unique accent from the Brown children? Do you think it is an accent or a speech impediment? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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