‘This Is Us’ Fans Debate Theories On How Jack Pearson Dies On Social Media

Warning: Possible This Is Us spoilers ahead!

Since the first season of the hit show This Is Us on NBC, fans were made aware that father Jack Pearson, played by actor Milo Ventimiglia, wouldn’t survive to see his three children reach adulthood. But the question about how Jack Pearson dies is still looming. Each week since midway through the first season, the writers of This Is Us have given viewers hints about how Jack Pearson dies, but right now, they are all just theories. And while fans have many theories about what befalls Jack Pearson on This Is Us, there are a few that are leading the way.

Each week on This Is Us, we know a little more about how the family patriarch, Jack Pearson (Ventimiglia), leaves his family, though some are likely red herrings. There seems to be a handful of plausible theories based on the clues served to us by This Is Us writers.

Jack Person Dies Saving Kate In The House Fire

We know that even as an adult, Kate Pearson takes Jack’s death harder than everyone else. In the last episode, in a This Is Us flashback, Kate tells brother Randall that they have to tell Kevin that their father is dead. The three kids are all teens, and Kevin has a broken leg. Fans know that Jack Pearson certainly would save any member of his family from peril, but is this one of the reasons that Kate and Rebecca’s relationship is frosty?

Milo Ventimiglia has said repeatedly that things are not as they seem, but he did throw fans a bone by saying that the fire is a piece of the puzzle that will explain Jack’s death on This Is Us.

“The burned-down house and a wailing Rebecca is definitely an indication of what happened possibly that night.”

Jack Pearson Dies As A Result Of His Drinking

Much has been made of Jack Pearson and his alcoholism, especially several episodes back. In the episode where Jack (Ventimiglia) drives drunk to track down Rebecca who is singing at a bar gig, many fans thought drunk driving would be the end of Jack Pearson. But as of the current This Is Us episode, we see Jack Pearson attending AA meetings and getting help, but could he pass out drunk in the house and not be awakened by a fire? After the fire, viewers have seen Rebecca, Randall, and Kate unscathed, so maybe Jack Pearson was alone in the house.

“New this is us theory: Jack dies in house fire because he is too drunk to escape.”

Suicide Is The Cause Of Jack Pearson’s Death

The theory that Jack Pearson commits suicide on This Is Us also addresses the topic of Kate’s guilt. Did Kate finally go out with friends instead of hanging out with her father, which is her go-to activity? Did Jack Pearson simply fall off the wagon, letting Rebecca and the children down and feel guilty? Did he accidentally burn the house down and kill himself because of guilt?

Jack Dies The Night Of The Fire, But Not In The Fire

Fans have pointed out that Jack Pearson’s belongings given to Rebecca have no sign of fire damage. If the hospital or the police on This Is Us gave Rebecca Jack’s belongings and he had died in the fire, there would be fire damage on the belongings, but there isn’t any. Fans think that maybe Kate accidentally set the fire and Jack died in an accident rushing home. When Rebecca drives by the house, they believe she is seeing the charred home for the first time.


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The “Possessed” Washing Machine Caused The Fire That Led To Jack’s Death

There are several theories that the washing machine, which in some ways got its own episode in This Is Us, played a role in Jack Pearson’s death. The theory goes that Kate did something to the noisy washing machine that caused the fire, or maybe she just thinks she did, and the washing machine had a short. With Kevin’s broken leg, he moved back upstairs, and Kate moved downstairs.

“Kate could have turned the machine off incorrectly if it became ‘possessed’ or might have been washing something that her new dog dirtied or even put something on top of it or near it given that she was likely living down there at the time.”

Do you have a theory about how Jack Pearson dies on This Is Us? Please share it!

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