‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Rain Brown Says She’s ‘Struggling With Life,’ Plans To Attend College Next Year

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown took to social media over the weekend to share her plans for the future. The youngest member of the Brown family has been active on social media since the latest season of Alaskan Bush People recently ended. Rain Brown, 14, has many followers who want to keep up with the Brown family as Ami Brown continues to receive cancer treatment in California for late-stage lung cancer — a diagnosis that Rain has since said is the cause of her depression. In an Instagram post from two days ago, Rain Brown shared with her followers that she’s been “struggling with life” and even revealed plans to attend college next year.

All seven of the Brown family siblings have been criticized online for continuing to participate in the family’s reality TV series, Alaskan Bush People, without having any real plans for their future. The Brown family matriarch, Ami Brown, 54, has homeschooled her seven children as the family had lived in a secluded part of Alaska, a lifestyle that has been the basis behind Alaskan Bush People for the last three years. A video clip of Alaskan Bush People from 2015 shared that Rain Brown continues to have “lessons daily” with mom Ami Brown. Ami revealed in the video that they were “afforded the advantage” of being able to learn through nature in the Alaskan Bush.

In the first few episodes of the last new season of Alaskan Bush People, the Brown family learned that Ami Brown was suffering from late-stage lung cancer. Rain Brown recently revealed on social media that her mom’s cancer diagnosis and the reality that her “mother will soon pass away,” as noted by the Hollywood Gossip, has resulted in ongoing depression for the teen, and online trolls aren’t helping the “difficult situation.” As Rain Brown continues to try to stay positive on her Instagram account, the reality TV personality often replies back to comments on her posts. This past weekend, Rain Brown dealt with an obvious online bully who openly criticized the teen for everything from her singing ability to her education.

A lengthy reply back to the hateful comment from a follower called @sarrahallen747 revealed that Rain Brown is “struggling with life” because her “mom has cancer” and she had to “leave the only home” she’s ever known. Rain Brown goes on to say that she plans to finish up her homeschooling by taking a high school equivalency exam and attending college next year. Billy and Ami Brown’s youngest daughter slams the troll for getting gratification for hurting “other people,” and some of Rain’s followers commented that @sarrahallen747 is obviously “starved for attention.” Other comments suggest that the online bully should stop following Rain Brown if “you dislike her so much.”

Unfortunately, cyberbullying has become “relatively common” online, according to an article on NCBI which cites that bullying from people hiding behind usernames on a screen has become a contributing factor in suicides among young adolescents. The Brown family choosing to homeschool while allowing their children to participate in Alaskan Bush People has become a hot topic for online haters who allege that Ami Brown isn’t qualified to teach her children and has done them a disservice by not sending them to public school. However, a report by the Chicago Tribune notes that public school educators often teach everything from “science to special education” without proper credentials for each subject.

Rain Brown mentioned nothing about starring in another new season of Alaskan Bush People, although, rumors suggest that filming with a small crew has begun in Colorado. Rain has, so far, chosen to stay behind in California with her parents as Ami Brown is reportedly getting ready to start another cycle of chemotherapy to continue her battle with stage 4 lung cancer, as recently shared by Monsters and Critics. Overall, followers of Rain Brown tell her to “ignore the haters” and say they are “proud” of her for putting herself out there on social media knowing that she’s “going to get some backlash.”

[Featured Image by Rain Brown/Instagram]