Ricky Rubio Blanket Makes Awesome Christmas Gift For Grandma

What did you get your mother for Christmas? Was it a Ricky Rubio blanket? It should have been.

Dean Pierce is the son of a woman who is arguably Ricky Rubio’s biggest fan. So, for Christmas this year Pierce commissioned a special present for his mother: A Ricky Rubio blanket.

Pierce, who calls himself an NBA Fanatic on his Twitter profile, sent the image via Twitter to the Minnesota Timberwolves’ star.

Pierce writes: “@rickyrubio9 Mom had a very Ricky Christmas! Grandma loves you! Feliz Navidad!”

The NBA star saw the photo and even sent a Christmas message back to Pierce and his mother.

Rubio has had a rough season this year. The Timberwolves’ star returned from an ACL injury on December 15 but he’s struggled on the court. Yahoo Sports reports that Rubio is currently averaging 3.3 points and three turnovers this season.

But despite his below average output Rubio still has die-hard fans who are willing to sleep next a five foot picture of his face.

You may have missed your chance to get your mother a Ricky Rubio blanket this holiday season but don’t worry, Pierce relayed some information to make sure that you don’t ruin Christmas next year. You can get your own blanket made by PhotoWeavers.com. PhotoWeavers can make a blanket for any NBA star but if you want an identical blanket you can use this photo.

ricky rubio blanket

What do you think of the Ricky Rubio blanket?