Tumblr Outage: Servers Blamed For Third Outage Of December

Tumblr is experiencing an outage for the third time in December, which was first reported around 8:40 pm Central Time.

Instead of being able to access the website, users have seen a message that includes, “Oops! Google Chrome could not find tumblr.com.”

The latest outage for the micro-blogging site has come under scrutiny lately for a series of outages. Social News Daily reports that the first came on December 3 and was the result of a Worm in Tumblr’s portal.

The Worm spread infections throughout the network, causing it to shut down. Another outage came just over a week ago when the site experienced server issues. They were forced to shut down for a period of time to work through them.

To explain the most recent outage, DownRightNow.com, an online monitoring service, took to Twitter, writing:

“A major Internet provider is experiencing issues, making Tumblr unavailable in certain locations. We’re working on a workaround.”

The latest server problems are sure to upset Tumblr users, who use the site billions of times per month. It is possible that the issue comes as a result of system maintenance. Some users recently have complained of connection issues and others haven’t been able to connect at all.

Several Tumblr users took to Twitter about the outage, writing:

I give pretty much all my time, my whole life to you, and all you ever do is let me down #tumblr

— Skyler Ortiz (@skizzisaboss10) December 27, 2012

Tumblr is down. The world is gonna end guys.

— JustinBieber Fan ♔ (@xFashionForever) December 27, 2012

Are you upset about the latest Tumblr outage?