New ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Exclusive Footage Shows Eleven Escaping The Upside Down

Netflix is about to take a strange turn in Stranger Things Season 2 as the streaming service releases special footage which shows how Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) manages to survive and even escape the “Upside Down” dimension.

The footage shows El utilizing a dimensional portal which apparently has been opened from either her original dimension or Upside Down. El was able to punch through and walk right into the regular dimension she left at the ending of the first season of Stranger Things. The footage also sees El being safe despite staying in the Upside Down for a prolonged period with the other Demogorgons, which she locked out from the regular dimension.

The said portal also happens to be in the same place where El’s faceoff with the Demogorgons took place, the Hawkins Middle School. It was, however, not clear who opened the portal, whether it was El or someone from the regular dimension, or even a Demogorgon, remains to be seen.

Netflix’s exclusive Season 2 footage also includes an interview with Brown, who plays El as she will be reprising her role in the next season. Brown apologized for her absence in the Stranger Things promo for MCM Comic-Con in London. However, she expressed her excitement for the upcoming season of Stranger Things and followed up with the exclusive footage as a bonus.


The event shown in the exclusive footage seemingly ties in with the final trailer for Stranger Things Season 2, wherein the first scene, El can be seen going back to a spot in the woods. The location is none other than the spot Jim Hopper (David Harbour) left some food in a mystery box during the end of the first season. El takes the food which is shown to be an Eggo waffle, her favorite.

Some fans posited that the Upside Down is a reflection of the regular world and that the food which Hopper leaves behind may be transferred over to it, essentially providing El with a steady supply of food during her stay in the Upside Down.

This could mean that Hopper knew that El might be coming back, which is a fitting assumption for a lot of fans since the ending of Season 1 also showed him apparently working with the men from Hawkins Laboratory, the institute which started the chain of events in the series using El as the subject. Still, it is unclear whether Hopper is working with the bad guys now or is simply just concerned with El’s well-being.

More will be found out once Stranger Things Season 2 arrives on October 27 on Netflix.

[Featured Image by Matt Stroshane/Getty Images]