Woman Reveals Adoption Hoax, ‘Orphan’ They Adopted From Uganda Had A Family

A woman is now telling a very scary story about how she adopted a little girl from Uganda, but the story they were told wasn’t the truth at all. CNN revealed the story Jessica Davis shared about how their adoption dream didn’t exactly come true. She and her husband already have four biological children, but they made the decision to adopt a child adding one more to their family.

She read the statistic that there were almost 3 million orphans in Uganda so they finally made the decision to adopt from there. What was supposed to be a great time in their life was just that when they brought home their child, but then they found out some news that shocked everyone. It took almost two years for them to adopt their little girl Namata. She was six-years-old at the time.

They had their new daughter for a little over a year and a half before they realized that her stories didn’t match the stories they were told before. When you adopt a child, you assume that you are bringing them from a life that wasn’t happy and complete and giving them the family that they need. That wasn’t the case at all.

Everything they were told was not true and their little girl actually had a family at home and she was actually “unlawfully” taken away from this family. Her mom actually thought a wealthy family was just going to help their daughter get a better education. Her mom never said that she wanted her child to be adopted, but it ended up happening anyway. Jessica decided to do the right thing and return her adopted child to her real family in Uganda. Her husband actually made the journey with her to return her, but they do still get pictures and video updates of Namata.

Jessica now wants everyone to know about things like this happening around the world and if you are going to adopt she wants everyone to do their research. Sometimes you could end up getting a child who really does have a loving family left behind.


Are you shocked to hear that Jessica Davis adopted a little girl that already had a family? Do you feel like this time of thing happens all the time? Sound off in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images]