Bethenny Frankel Reveals People Are Using Her: ‘RHONY’ Fans Trying To Get Famous Through Her?

Bethenny Frankel has been working hard to get hurricane aid to Puerto Rico to help the people on the island. They are in desperate need of clean water and food, plus medicine and generators. Even though Frankel has been putting her best efforts forward to get millions of pounds of supplies to Puerto Rico, there are some people who are trying to scam her in order to get attention. On her Twitter account, Bethenny has tweeted thanks to the people who have helped her out, including giving credit where due. However, some people have revealed that some of the people are scammers and might be trying to get attention for doing nothing but waste time.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing that she wants to focus on efforts she can control. Many people have reached out to her with supplies that they have stored in warehouses around the world. Frankel keeps telling people that they need to get their supplies to Miami so she can help move it to Puerto Rico. She can also help distribute it in Puerto Rico because she has the infrastructure system in place. Shockingly, people are still trying to get her to focus on shipping supplies to Miami.

“Please don’t believe everything that you read. People exploit & pull at your heartstrings during crisis. We’re vetting who we work with,” Bethenny Frankel revealed on Twitter, revealing that people are trying to use her during her hurricane efforts.

Apparently, many people are trying to use her efforts to get more attention, especially people running a business. It sounds like Bethenny’s fans may be doing some investigations for her, as they are calling out people who are using Frankel to attention and fame. However, Bethenny isn’t spending time on the people who claim they can help without making the effort to get the supplies to Miami. Frankel has also encouraged people to reach out via email when they can help, so she has a chance to weed out those who can actually help from those who may be using her.

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel’s tweet about not spending time on the scammers? Are you surprised that people are trying to use her for fame and attention?

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