Birdman Removes Grill, Reveals His Teeth And Admits Toni Braxton Has Him Smiling? Check Out The Photo

Birdman, who is known for his expensive grills, has recently changed his look. Birdman and Toni Braxton’s relationship seems to be going strong, as she has the rapper smiling. After telling fans that he plans on removing his face tattoos, Birdman also showed off his pearly white teeth in an unprecedented Instagram post and seemed to have a message for singer Toni Braxton.

The Cash Money CEO took a selfie in a grey jumper and added multiple hashtags, but there is only one that got people’s attention. The rapper and entrepreneur added the hashtag #shekeepani**asmile, which is likely a reference to his girlfriend, Toni Braxton.

In another selfie, the wealthy and flamboyant record producer wore a black sweater and sunshades. He added the hashtag #sheholdani**adown in an apparent tribute to his leading lady.

Fans seemed pleased with the 48-year-old mogul’s transformation. Some female fans complimented his teeth in the comments and praised the more mature appearance. Others credit his affection for Toni Braxton for the change in his looks.

Birdman is believed to own a set of grills worth $100,000, while he has also reportedly bought a grill worth $500,000.

While using his former stage name Baby, Toni Braxton appeared alongside the rapper in the music video “Baby You Can Do It” back in 2002. However, the pair reportedly started dating in 2016 and went to the BET award show as a couple.

TMZ also reported last year that Birdman went to see Toni Braxton perform in Brooklyn, and they were spotted together backstage. The couple has appeared on stage together, and the rapper made an appearance on her reality TV show.

Birdman also gifted Toni a Bentley earlier this year, and a rep for Braxton confirmed the pair are in a relationship in June, according to People Magazine.

Birdman has since deleted the Instagram post where he shows off his teeth. The rapper also deleted the Instagram post where he announced his plan to remove his face tattoos. The private rapper may not have liked the attention he was receiving or had a change of heart about removing his tattoos.

The Cash Money CEO has been in a dispute with Lil Wayne, who has accused Birdman of withholding money from him. Birdman went on a rant against his critics amid the lawsuit with Lil Wayne, according to Billboard.

What do you think of Birdman’s transformation and his relationship with Toni Braxton? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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