‘The Amazing Race 30’ Spoilers: Are ‘BB19’ Jessica Graf And Cody Nickson Still In The Running For $1 Million?

Big Brother 19 couple Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson began their adventure on the CBS reality show The Amazing Race two weeks ago, not long after competing on BB19. On social media, fans have expressed curiosity about whether the lovestruck couple had been eliminated from the race or is still in the running for the huge grand prize of $1 million.

Shortly after Jessica and Cody started the race, fans of theirs in Reykjavik, Iceland spotted the Big Brother 19 showmance taking part in some sort of challenge in which the two were required to answer questions and then drink an unpleasant shot of something oily, as reported prior by the Inquisitr.

At the time, onlookers believed that Jessica and Cody were in first place because they had seen no other teams of racers take part in the challenge before them.

Later, Jessica and Cody were seen in Amsterdam and subsequently the pair took part in a challenge alongside their Amazing Race 30 competition in Antwerp, Belgium.

As part of the Belgium challenge, Cody could be seen dressed up as a French fry and looked as if he had to take part in a competition that involved potatoes, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

On Saturday, @JessicaCodyBB19 tweeted that the showmance pair, dubbed “Jody” by fans and their fellow Big Brother 19 cast members, had just flown out of Prague, which is part of the Czech Republic, for their next destination.

Only about an hour later, that same Twitter account noted that Jessica and Cody were on a flight to Johannesburg in South Africa and would then be headed straight to Zimbabwe from there.

About 12 hours later, @JessicaCodyBB19 took to Twitter once again and wrote that all of the Amazing Race 30 teams, including Jody, had safely landed in Zimbabwe.

According to a Twitter post by @TeamJessica15, it has been “confirmed” that six teams remain in the race and that Jessica and Cody’s plane had touched down in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital city.

If the spoilers are true, Jessica and Cody have an excellent chance of making it all the way and winning The Amazing Race 30 grand prize.

While a cast member on Big Brother 19, Cody demonstrated his physical prowess showing he is a strong competitor, while Jessica flaunted her adeptness at mental challenges. This type of physical strength and mental acuity is absolutely necessary to succeed and be victorious in the race.

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