Choirul Huda Death Video: Legendary Indonesian Goalkeeper Dies In Freak Accident Broadcast On Live Television

Choirul Huda was killed in a freak accident during a match in the Indonesia Super League, and the disturbing incident was broadcast live on television.

Video of Huda’s death has spread around the internet shortly after the accident, which took place in the first half of a game between Huda’s Persela squad and Semen Padang, Adelaide Now reported. The 38-year-old goalkeeper slid low into the ground to make a save, and in doing so crashed into a teammate who was running toward the goal. The violent crash appeared to stun Huda, who maintained consciousness but appeared to be in pain after the crash. Huda held his neck and jaw area as he fell back to the grass.

But his condition took a sudden turn, and video of the incident appeared to show Choirul Huda unconscious and struggling to breathe as the team’s medical staff loaded him onto a stretcher. Doctors said Huda was still breathing when he arrived at a nearby hospital but was lifeless. Doctors determined that he had suffered serious injuries to his head and back of his neck.

The report from Adelaide Now noted that Choirul Huda was declared dead at 5:15 p.m. local time while surrounded by his teammates.

Video of the accident that led to Choirul Huda’s death can be seen here. While the video does not actually show his death, it may still be upsetting for some viewers.

Huda’s death sent shockwaves around the football world and especially in Indonesia, where he was something of a legend. The goalkeeper was the face of the Persela squad, playing close to 500 games since making his debut in 1999. The tragic death of Choirul Huda did not stop his teammates, however, and his team defeated Semen Padang in the match by a score of 2-0.


Not long after Huda was declared dead, his team paid tribute on Twitter with a picture of Huda during a match and the hashtag #riphuda. The tribute was shared more than 11,000 times in just a few hours, and many fans took the team’s page to leave messages of condolences and share their memories of Huda with the team.


In the hours after he was killed, doctors have not given the exact cause of Choirul Huda’s death but noted that he died from head and neck injuries.

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