‘Saturday Night Live’ Calls Harvey Weinstein ‘D**kface,’ Makes Fun Of His Appearance

Saturday Night Live did its part to address the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Moreover, the NBC show did it with the kind of sarcasm that it is often associated with it.

Hollywood stars appreciated the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ decision to throw out Weinstein. Meanwhile, SNL made fun of the maverick movie producer. Even though the show did not have an actor to play the movie mogul, Kate McKinnon played Debette Goldry, an old starlet who talked about her experience with Harvey.

Goldry said she had a meeting with Weinstein in his hotel room. McKinnon as Goldry continued to talk about the experience, as she said Harvey Weinstein was hanging upside down from a monkey bar and not wearing any clothes.

According to Goldry, Weinstein tried to trick her to believe that his penis was his face. She said he was quite successful in his attempt.

“It almost worked,” CNN quoted McKinnon as saying. “The resemblance is uncanny.”

The show also had Cecily Strong playing Marion Cotillard and Leslie Jones playing Viola Davis. Aidy Bryant led the roundtable conversation that dealt with the issue of sexual harassment.

Michael Che, on the other hand, said it was tricky for a comedian to address the issue of sexual abuse. According to him, it is difficult to make fun of a serious issue like that. However, it would be easy to make fun of people like Harvey Weinstein, who looks like “chewed bubble gum rolled in cat hair.”

‘Saturday Night Live’ did its part to address the Harvey Weinstein scandal. [Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

According to McKinnon’s Goldry, sexual violence is not just limited to famous Hollywood actresses. Women in every field face such assault. She said people should start taking the issue seriously.

Most people at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences apparently agree with this. According to the board, the decision against Weinstein was taken to send a message that the era of workplace harassment in Hollywood was over.

The decision also means to convey the message that Hollywood will not tolerate “shameful complicity” and “willful ignorance” in sexually predatory behavior anymore.

Numerous Hollywood stars welcomed the decision with great enthusiasm. According to The Guardian, this is only the second time in the Academy’s 90-year history that it expelled a member. Earlier, Carmine Caridi was expelled for violating certain rules.

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