Solar Flares Predicted To Peak In 2013

Tara Dodrill - Author

Jun. 16 2013, Updated 10:15 p.m. ET

Solar flares will come to their peak during 2013, if scientific predictions are accurate. The Mayan apocalypse did not bring the world to a screeching halt, but a massive solar flare could have the potential to wreak havoc on the world as we know it.

A new solar flare detection tool will reportedly give scientists advanced warning about flares and the potential damage they are capable of producing, notes. A power outage that impacted six million people in Canada was caused by a strong solar flare in 1989, Examiner reports. The same type of solar storms are expected in 2013, according to scientists who predict the sun will “re-enter peak activity next year.

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The new Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) telescope is now finished and operational in Australia. The first and arguably, the top priority of the massive new telescope, is to monitor the sun for early warnings signs of solar flares. The sun is approximately eight light minutes from earth and it takes about 20 hours for a solar flare to occur and reach the planet’s surface. The Murchison Widefield Array telescope allegedly boasts “quadruple” the warning capabilities of other available telescopes, Gizmag notes.

If a solar flare as powerful as the one that hit in 1865, when the telegraph was the most advanced technological gizmo available, occurs again, the potential for trillions of dollars in damage to communication networks and the power grids reportedly exists.

Although many women would not mind “Daryl” or “Rick” from The Walking Dead showing up at their seeking refuge from slowly chasing zombies, a solar flare may be the doomsday scenario most likely to come true. If the power grid is rendered useless for only a week, millions of people totally dependent upon the power of electricity for food, medical care, transportation, and as a means to purchase necessary items, could find themselves suddenly in a very desperate state.


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