Justin Bieber Posted A Sexy Photo Of Selena Gomez On Instagram

Justin Bieber posted a racy photo of Selena Gomez on Instagram. The teeny bopper singing star is apparently very proud of his on-again off-again girlfriend’s physical appearance. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Bieber’s record label staffers are allegedly concerned that the singer’s recent antics are hampering his squeaky-clean image and potentially his career potential.

Even though Bieber and Gomez reportedly celebrated Christmas separately with their respective families, Justin’s significant other was apparently not far from his thoughts. Bieber, 18, used Instagram to share an uncaptioned and sexy picture of Selena.

A Hollywood Life source had this to say about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez:

“Selena has a big heart and took him back — it’s as simple as that. She’s a saint and he loves her but he’s just a dumb boy with too many girls around him. But Sel really wants him to grow out of it soon and treat her like a real man should, or she will be gone forever.”

Since Bieber is just now old enough to vote and has only been able to drive his Fisker for two years, he may not yet realize exactly how a “real man” is supposed to behave. On December 18, the Biebs tweeted this supposedly romantic message to Selena:

“Be a king, treat a woman like a king.”

While the cheesy Hallmark moment sentiments might warm a young woman’s heart, the couple does not have a good track record of keeping the love flowing for very long at any one stretch. Gomez and Bieber made headlines in a shocking number of publications when the once again broke up and then got back together two weeks ago.

A New York Daily News sources noted that if Justin Bieber does not get his ten angst under control, his recent actions could seriously damage his reputation. The source also referenced the fact that young teens really look up to the singer. Tweens and teens likely comprise the bulk of Bieber’s fan base, meaning that dear old mom and dad hold the purse strings when it comes to music downloads and CD purchases.