Sharon Osbourne Reveals Howard Stern’s Huge ‘AGT’ Income

Sharon Osbourne isn’t on America’s Got Talent anymore, but she is still talking about it. Radar Online shared how on The Talk this week Sharon actually revealed how much money Howard Stern made on the show and it was a lot more than she did. They were talking about jealousy and she went on to explain how much more he made than her. Sharon feels like sometimes there are just people who will be more in demand than you are, and she is totally okay with it.

Sharon Osbourne revealed that when Howard Stern joined AGT, she was really surprised to hear that he was getting paid $35 million for the show. Sharon didn’t share exactly what she made, but she joked that she got paid 35 cents during her time. She explained that there will always be someone more in demand than you are and it seems like she feels like Howard was that way with her. Sharon’s pay didn’t even compare to his.

She was actually on the show for years before Howard joined it. Neither one is on America’s Got Talent anymore and both have moved on. When Stern joined the show, he came in to replace Piers Morgan. The show also went as far as to move the show to Radio City Music Hall to make it easier on him. That wasn’t enough to get him to stick around forever, though. He ended up leaving in 2015. The show has gone on just fine without him.

There is no word yet on how much the judges that are on America’s Got Talent now are making, but you can assume they are paying them pretty decently. Sharon didn’t act like the income was the reason that she decided to move on, though. You have to wonder what Howard Stern thinks about her revealing how much his income was and what would make him leave a show that was paying him that much per season.–Wlidn/?hl=en&taken-by=sharonosbourne

Are you shocked to hear what Sharon Osbourne had to say about Howard Stern’s income on America’s Got Talent? Why do you think he got paid so much more? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images]