’90 Day Fiance’ Mohamed Jbali’s Legal Status In The United States In Jeopardy After Postal Error

Fans of 90 Day Fiance have watched the drama between Mohamed Jbali and his ex-wife, Danielle Mullins, unfold for the past few years. Danielle has always wanted to send Mohamed back to his home country of Tunisia ever since the pair divorced, and it looks like she may finally get her wish.

Danielle Mullins attempted to annul her marriage to her former husband, but unfortunately, because the pair had engaged in sexual intercourse one time, they were unable to negate the proceedings. Thus, Mohamed Jbali was allowed to stay in the United States, despite Danielle’s wish that he be deported back to Tunisia.

Mohamed Jbali has told fans that he’s decided to move to Texas, but recently, it seems his green card may be in jeopardy. The Tunisian reality TV star says he sent in his documents to be granted a 10-year green card, but unfortunately, the postal service lost it in the mail. Mohamed told his followers on social media that he had even used insurance to make sure that his files got to the appropriate place at the right time, but it appears that didn’t make much of a difference.

They are now investigating into his lost file to see what happened.


Recently, Mohamed Jbali told his followers that he was planning on moving to Texas, but needed some help because a moving truck to take his things from Florida to his new home would cost over $1,500. Some fans, however, warned him that people in Texas don’t necessarily like Muslims, so he should be careful, but he isn’t heeding the warning.

While his citizenship remains up in the air, Danielle Mullins is attempting to sue her former flame for $12,500, stating that this is how much she put out for him to come to the United States and live with her, despite their relationship not working out.

Some speculate that Mohamed Jbali is moving to Texas because his wages cannot legally be garnished if he lives there.

Unfortunately, if they can’t reopen Mohamed’s file, it looks like the Tunisian will be back on a plane to his home country, and Danielle Mullins will finally get her wish!

[Featured Image by Danielle Mullins Jbali/Facebook]