Jinger Duggar, Still Not Pregnant With First Baby, Promotes Husband Jeremy Vuolo’s Family Charity On Instagram

Jinger Duggar is the only married Duggar who is not pregnant or already had her first baby. But that does not seem to mind her or her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, as they look forward to celebrating their first wedding anniversary. It looks like they focused the first year of their marriage on pursuing things other than trying to conceive a child, like traveling, working on their individual styles, and promoting his family’s charity.

The couple took to their Instagram accounts and Duggar family Facebook to promote a nonprofit that Jeremy’s mother runs. They shot a lengthy video in their backyard, touting the good work that SWAN 4 Kids does. While the Duggars are famous for setting up fundraisers that go towards themselves and not to actually helping people, as this was the case for Jill Duggar’s husband’s last campaign, it looks like Jinger and Jeremy are committed to bettering the lives of kids that are not necessarily related to them.

According to the website, SWAN 4 Kids “connects at-risk children with music teachers who will give them skills to succeed.” While that does not mean that the kids who are part of the program will end up at Juilliard or be able to make a living from playing music, the organization “place[s] instruments in [the kids’] hands and give[s] them opportunities to serve others by performing.”

Watch a part of the promotional video Jeremy and Jinger made.

Their work to raise money for this charity has been received well by Counting On fans.

“So nice to see them supporting Jeremy’s mom’s organization,” one fan wrote. “His parents seem like such loving and caring people! I think they are good for Jinger.”

Others took her attempts in becoming more involved in the nonprofit as a sign that she still is growing into herself after the wedding.

“I feel like she’s the only Duggar that is actually giving herself time to enjoy married life and to get to know each other,” another commented. “I really respect her for that. She’s like yeah in the future but let’s just do what is important to us first. [Getting pregnant] not a race, they have the rest of their lives.”

Most fans also agreed that Jeremy Vuolo’s open-mindedness about marriage and his wife duties also gave her the space she needs to blossom. Instead of rushing into pregnancy, Jinger has been able to find herself more in the context of the world outside her family.

Together is my favorite place to be ???? @jeremy_vuolo

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“I love the fact that you’re not pregnant yet,” a fan expressed. “I’m not sure of you guys situation or why you’re not pregnant yet but there’s time. Enjoy the time with just you and hubby. You won’t be able to get that back once the kiddos start coming!”

Indeed, Jinger and her husband have a completely chill attitude about starting a family.

“We really are just looking to the Lord to see what he provides,” Jeremy said right after the wedding, according to Us Weekly.

How long do you think Jinger and Jeremy will delay getting pregnant? Do you think their work with nonprofits, his ministry studies, and her growing hobbies will distract them from having kids? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]