Tesla Model 3 Reservations Are On Sale — But Get Ready To Pay 400 Percent More Than Original Price

Tesla Model 3 reservations are currently popping up for sale on Craiglist, but fans of the premium electric vehicle brand shouldn’t get too excited just yet. Craigslist posters are selling their reservations for up to 400 percent more than the original price. Tesla is selling the reservations for $1,000, but there are people reselling them are for $4,000, according to Market Watch.

But, buyer beware: Tesla may not validate transfers between the name on the original reservation and the buyer. Based on the terms and conditions of the Model 3 reservation, any transfers must be authorized by the company. So, it’s unclear whether transfers between family members are allowed, or what happens if the original reservation holder dies, Market Watch notes.

If you make a reservation for a Tesla Model 3 today, it will take about 18 months to get your car. But if you buy a reservation from someone else, you get to skip ahead a couple spots on the waiting list. This makes buying a reservation appealing for some Tesla fans who are excited about the release of Model 3.

The cost of a Model 3 starts at around $35,000. But, according to the Tesla website, the first configuration will include a long-range battery and rear-wheel drive along with premium upgrades. This costs $49,000. These vehicles come with three customizable options: exterior color, wheel size, and Auto-pilot features.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, someone tried to sell a used Model 3 on Craigslist recently. The owner of the vehicle, a Tesla employee, wanted $150,000 for the second-hand car. The vehicle had about 2,000 miles on it and featured all of Model 3’s current options, including Aero wheels. The original price of the car is $56,000 which means the scalper would have made almost $100,000 more than what he/she originally paid.

The Craigslist ad has since been removed and there are suspicions that it may have been bought by one of Tesla’s competitors. It’s not hard to believe that one of the big car manufacturers would want to inspect the hot new model from the game-changing electric car brand.

Are you excited about the release of the Tesla Model 3? Would you pay $4,000 for a chance to jump ahead on the waiting list? Let us know in the comments below.


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