Melania Trump Mirrors ‘Masculine Gesture’ Of Her Husband With Cameras Rolling?

Melania Trump continues to create waves for daring to be different, but this time it’s not for her stilettos or her tendency to wear sunglasses at night that has caught the attention of the masses. Today Melania is being critiqued as someone who recently got in touch with her “masculine side” and someone who looks like she stepped out of a “Woody Allen” movie.

AOL News suggests that when Melania Trump met Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, she imitated one of her husband’s gestures, a gesture that is considered somewhat masculine. AOL consulted a body language expert, who pointed out that it is quite possible Melania was feeling a bit more masculine in the clothes she was wearing at the time and that might have sparked her to make this move.

So just what did Melania do to stir up such a fuss? Have you ever noticed how Donald Trump has a tendency to place his hand on the back of someone he is walking with or talking to? AOL suggests that it is something Trump has a tendency to do and he did it once again to Trudeau when leading him into the White House this week.

The real surprise for some people came when Melania, mirrored her husband by motioning her own hand toward the back of Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, which is caught in one of the many images taken of the foursome during their meet and greet on the White House steps. As AOL suggests, that move “raised some eyebrows” because it’s not a traditional move of the nation’s First Lady. Melania making that hand gesture is seen in the post below.

[Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]

Melania wore a charcoal gray Ralph Lauren suit with a “crisp” white button-down shirt underneath her open jacket. The one accessory that has people talking is that skinny black tie that she wore undone loosely under her collar. Dr. Lillian Glass, who is a body language expert, claims that “Wearing masculine clothing may have also stimulated the masculine gesture” that Melania displayed with Canada’s First Lady.

Addressing Melania’s gesture that seemed to mirror the President’s movement, Glass said: “She is indeed mirroring her husband, it is a protective gesture. Glass said the move that Melania embarked on was a “guiding gesture.” It is a move that is meant to help steer someone in the right direction.

Diane Keaton in Annie Hall-like attire
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So who was the Woody Allen character who comes to mind once you get a gander at Melania in her suit and tie? In case you didn’t guess, that would be Annie Hall, according to Pop Sugar. They write: “She finished off her look with a black tie that reminded us very much of Woody Allen’s famous character Annie Hall.” The above picture of Diane Keaton is not from her Annie Hall days, but it is a mode of dress this star has made rather famous!

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