Kate Middleton Baby: Rumors Continue To Swirl Duchess Having Twins, What Would This Mean For Royal Placement?

Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting their next addition to their adorable family supposedly next spring, but could there be more than one little one ready to arrive? Rumors are swirling that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting twins, and although this is something that has royal enthusiasts excited for the happy couple, what would this mean for the children’s placement regarding the throne?

It certainly would mean that Uncle Harry would be bumped even further down the list to seventh in line for the throne, but how would twins’ placement be determined? Prior to the change that was made to British law in 2012, boys found their place ahead of any girls regardless of age, which would have meant that Prince Harry would still be fourth in line for the throne at present. This would therefore mean, that if twins arrived and Kate gave birth to a boy and a girl, the boy would have the opportunity to take the throne ahead of the girl.

However, new laws say that sex does not matter, so revisiting this scenario, who would take the throne first in the case of twins? As Good To Know relays, twins have not been born to a royal British monarch since the 15th century and would mean that should Kate Middleton and Prince William have twins, they would set a precedent that would perhaps require a new law.

“According to reports, no mother of a future monarch has given birth to twins in Britain since the 15th century – so those babies would well and truly be making history,” the publication states.

As it stands, there has been no confirmation from Duchess Kate and Duke William regarding the number of little ones they are expecting next year. A source, however, ignited the rumor regarding twins when it was claimed that Kate and William had been searching for extra child care. This led to speculation that Middleton and her prince were perhaps expecting more than just one child and needed an extra set of hands, as The Stir relayed.

Kensington Palace announced the news in September that Duchess Kate and Duke William are expecting another royal after rumors began that the beauty was experiencing severe morning sickness. The rumors turned out to be true, so perhaps the tales of twins are not so far off either.

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