10 Epic Horror Movie Soundtracks For Your Halloween Playlist [Videos]

Halloween is much more than just a holiday for kids, tricking and treating for candy, and wreaking havoc on neighborhood trees with toilet paper. For those who like to stay inside on Halloween and kick back with a fun horror movie, there is a specific playlist of films that you might default to. But did you ever consider that a great horror movie for Halloween has a killer soundtrack that makes it so much more fun?

Most fans of horror will tell you that the sound effects and the music is not what makes the movie. But for those who do not enjoy watching horror movies all the time, but rather on Halloween only, then the music and the mood is everything. That includes the creepy theme songs and the bone-chilling sound effects that make you jump out of your seat and laugh about it later.

If there’s one thing that Halloween is about in American culture, that’s having the most fun that you possibly can during the entire month of October. So with Halloween just around the corner, you should take a look at those old horror movies that had a great soundtrack from start to finish and were just flat-out fun to watch. Take a look below to get a better idea of what this Halloween has to offer you with a list of the best horror movie soundtrack songs and themes.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch: Okay, so you knew that the list was going to be stuffed with references to Michael Myers and his 10 (nine) Halloween movies. But for this Halloween entry, you need to take a closer look at the “Jon Snow” of the franchise, which is better known as the one that did not have Michael Myers in it. Check out this theme music and see if it gets those October juices flowing.


Shocker: Although it was considered your standard horror movie by the creative genius of Wes Craven, did you know that it was chock-full of great horror music that was so perfect, it nearly gets forgotten every year at Halloween. Check out the title song for the film below.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992): Although the film is hailed by many as the definitive installment of all Dracula movies, the score for the film will unnerve you to the core. Take a listen to it below and let us know if it scared you too much to watch the film this Halloween.


Trick or Treat (1986): There is perhaps no end to the amount of awesome soundtrack music that came out of this film. But thanks to Fastway, we have a main theme that essentially crafts the movie in the highest of regards. You really cannot go wrong with this film on Halloween, given its titular theme.

Demon Knight: Presented by the infamous Cryptkeeper on Tales From the Crypt, Demon Knight gave horror fans loads of soundtrack music that ranged from Megadeth to the song listed below by Filter. It serves as a Halloween staple for more reasons than one.


Pet Sematary: Hailing from the King of Horror himself, Stephen King’s Pet Sematary churned out some of the most bone-chilling, heartbreaking moments ever in a horror film. But the titular song that came with it gave it that extra flavor that really hit the spot for Halloween. We can thank The Ramones for this gem.

The Lost Boys: Although many might argue that this is a summer horror film, it’s the soundtrack that really earns its spot on this list, ranging from the epic main theme song (Cry Little Sister) to the amazing remake of The Doors’ “People Are Strange.”

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives: Also considered a summer horror flick, the sixth installment in the Friday the 13th franchise dutifully earned its stripes as a horror movie soundtrack legend. With songs compiled mostly out of Alice Cooper’s original catalog, the music is surely enough to make the legendary horror film fun.


Return of the Living Dead: Although this Halloween favorite horror-comedy film churned out more than one great song, it was the tragic melody from Roky Erickson that really drove it home with an outstanding soundtrack song that chilled fans to the core.

Teen Wolf (1986): Okay, so the horror in this film is light when compared to others, but it had some of the best songs in it, which include The Beach Boys and much more. But one song really drove it home in the end.

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