‘Happy Death Day’ After-Credits Scene: Is It Worth Staying All The Way To The End?

Happy Death Day brings a Groundhog Day-like twist to the horror genre, so moviegoers will want to know if there’s an after-credits scene that keeps the story going on for just a little bit longer after the credits start to roll.

For those not familiar with the movie trope that is the after-credits scene — or who never bothered to stay until all the credits have ended to see what comes next — this scene is a short insert hidden after the credits stop rolling. It usually serves to tie up a loose end or add a final bit of comedy. In the case of movie series, it can introduce a new character or plotline, making it a standard within the Marvel series.

So, does Happy Death Day have an after-credits scene that keeps moviegoers put a little bit longer?

Right now, there are no indications of anything worth staying for. Media Stinger, a site that compiles a list of which movies have after-credits scenes, noted there is no information on any extra scenes either during or after the credits. Early reviews did not mention any scenes after the credits, so if there is anything tucked at the end, it remains a well-guarded secret.

There could be a big audience looking for an after-credits scene in Happy Death Day. The movie comes amid the horror-flick season in the weeks before Halloween, and Variety predicted that it would leap over Blade Runner 2049 to win the opening weekend box-office total.

The movie also opens to some strong reviews. The New York Times noted that it is an interesting take on the horror movie genre, moving beyond the sometimes stale format that these films can take.

Happy Death Day follows sorority girl Tree on what appears to be an endless day of slasher mayhem.

“Waking up on her birthday in a strange man’s dorm room after a supposed one night stand, she stumbles through her day until, en route to her surprise party that night, she is brutally murdered by a masked attacker. Unfortunately, she’s about to experience this particular day again — multiple times.”

So moviegoers who head out to Happy Death Day and want to find out if there’s an after-credits scene will just have to do it the old-fashioned way — stay in their seats until all one hour and 36 minutes have elapsed and see for themselves.

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