Adorable Princess Charlotte ‘Cried’ During Prince George’s First Day In School: ‘They’re Definitely Besties’

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are definitely sibling goals! The adorable children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are incredibly close, so much so that the young princess burst into tears when her brother went off to school for the first time.

According to Life & Style magazine, Prince William and Princess Kate were not the only one in tears when Prince George started school at Thomas’ Battersea in September. Apparently, the 2-year-old Princess Charlotte wept too when her big brother left for his first day as a student.

The entertainment outlet claimed that Charlotte was just sad to see her favorite playmate head off to Thomas’ Battersea and leave her at home. Fortunately, the lovely princess is slowly getting used to seeing her brother go to school for a few hours.

“When George first started school, Charlotte cried when he left. But she’s gradually become used to him not being around in the day.”

The same royal source also shared that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are definitely besties as seen on their sweet relationship as siblings. Apparently, the duo shared a lot of good times together, just like any kids their age.

“There is a lot of banter between the two of them. I’ve heard George say, ‘I’m the king of the castle,’ and Charlotte replies, ‘So am I!'”‘

Prince George and Princess Charlotte reportedly have a close relationship. [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

Despite their title of being royals, Prince George and Princess Charlotte still enjoy being a child just like any normal kids. A royal insider revealed to the site that the two spend most of their time together playing or watching their favorite show Peppa Pig.

It has also been revealed that Prince George and Princess Charlotte like to spend time with nanny Maria, whom they’ve adorably called “Nanna.” Apparently, the royal nanny plays a huge role in keeping the tots entertained — strolling at the park, singing nursery rhymes, and even teaching Spanish words.

Maria, who is good at baking, even enlisted the royal tots to help her in the kitchen. According to the source, Prince George “loves dipping his fingers in and scooping up the icing. Anything messy, and they are both there!”

Prince George and Princess Charlotte also like to play pretend and listen to music just like most kids their age. The royal duo loves dancing around and “role-playing, pretending they are grown-ups or impersonating TV characters.”

Most of their playtime is done outdoors, as the Duke of Cambridge is keen to have his kids play “outside as much as possible.” The doting father put up swings and a slide in the Kensington Palace Gardens for the young prince and princess.

As for the third royal baby, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are reportedly ready to welcome their new sibling. The same report revealed that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are “excited” for the arrival of the third royal baby, thanks to Duchess Kate’s efforts of easing them into the idea.

“They rub their mum’s tummy and talk to the new baby. George and Charlotte really are both lovely, normal kids.

Check out some of the adorable moments of Prince George and Princess Charlotte in the photos below.

[Featured Images by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]