‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 114 Spoilers: ‘New Super Warrior’ Stronger Than Jiren & Son Goku?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 titled “Ghastly! Explosive Birth of a New Super Warrior!!” will be featuring the continuation of the battle between Son Goku, Caulifla, and Kale. The “New Super Warrior” stated in the title created debate among fans whether it is referring to Kale or a new character who is yet to reveal himself in the Tournament of Power. Is the new warrior stronger than Jiren and Son Goku?

The titles and summaries for the next three episodes of Dragon Ball Super are already surfacing the web. After the epic battle between Jiren and Son Goku, other powerful fighters in the World of Void like Hit, Cabba, and Vegeta are expected to enter the spotlight and showcase their power. Caulifla, who witnessed Goku’s new transformation, can’t help herself but challenge the Universe 7’s most powerful warrior.

Kale will join the fight and spoilers revealed that she will turn into a berserker Super Saiyan. With her new transformation, Kale could be the “New Super Warrior” referred in the title. However, Dragon Ball Super fans at Reddit believe the “New Super Warrior” is someone who’s yet to reveal himself in the Tournament of Power.

DBS writer Toshio answered a question from a fan about what to expect from the new warrior.

“The new warrior’s very strong and cool. Everyone will be excited about the birth,” Toshio said on Twitter.

Using the words “strong” and “cool,” one DBS fan speculated that the new character could possibly be stronger than Jiren. Another fan said that there might be a connection between the new warrior and the disturbing presence Hit is feeling.

Since the Tournament of Power started, one of the most interesting topics was the mortal stronger than the God of Destruction. The latest episode revealed that Jiren has the power comparable to a God of Destruction and Whis claimed that he could be the mortal in the rumors. This made most fans believe that Jiren is the mortal stronger than the God of Destruction.

However, the revelation created some confusion among Dragon Ball Super fans who watch the anime and read the manga. While Universe 7 was gathering their fighters, Whis said the mortal stronger than the gods belongs to a universe whose God of Destruction defeated Beerus in arm wrestling.

In the manga, it was revealed that Universe 4’s God of Destruction Quitela was the one who beat Beerus, creating the belief that the mortal stronger than the god is not Jiren. Dragon Ball Super could be preparing for another explosive battle before the Tournament of Power comes to an end. If the “New Super Warrior” is not Kale, there is a possibility the new warrior is connected to Universe 4 and speculations could be true that it’s someone who’s stronger than Jiren and Son Goku.

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