Great Dane Cuddles Baby Boy In Heartwarming Video [Watch]

A video of a Great Dane cuddling a baby boy has gone viral, melting the hearts of thousands of parents and animal lovers around the globe.

In the one-minute and 45-second clip, the giant canine, named Scooby, can be seen affectionately nuzzling and licking baby Cade in an apparent show of tenderness.

Since being uploaded by YouTube user tmell08 on October 9, the video has nearly 400,000 views and close to 400 comments.

While the majority of viewers have commented on the video’s uber-cuteness, some posters have cautioned that it is unwise to leave any large dog next to an infant, as attacks do happen.

YouTube user Jennaferk9999 notes:

“Well trained pets can and do attack. I see it happen all the time. With an infant that young, it is irresponsible to have a dog that close.”

Another poster, AidenR90, writes:

“Type “dog and “baby” into the youtube search bar. Lots of videos there for you to get angry at. Look at all them neglectful people.”

Though the opinions are mixed on whether or not it is wise to leave an animal so close to an infant, one thing is certain: no matter how crappy your day might be right now, viewing the video will leave a smile on your face.

Watch as Scooby the Great Dane cuddles with baby Cade in the video below:

Readers: Do you think it is irresponsible to let a large dog (even if it is well-trained) cuddle with an infant? Chime in with your thoughts in the comment section below.