Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Share Video Announcement Concerning Kids, Ask Fans For Donations

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo talk about children in a recent social media video. However, the couple’s big announcement might disappoint Duggar fans who have spent the last few months praying for the Counting On couple to share some baby news.

On Wednesday evening, Jinger tweeted for the first time in over four months. The Duggar daughter shared a video of herself and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, talking about a nonprofit they want fans to donate to. In the video, Jeremy announces that he and Jinger have become involved with an organization called SWAN4Kids. He encourages Duggar fans to check out a second video on the nonprofit’s website in which he and Jinger Duggar share more information about the organization. The couple also lays out the case for why fans should monetarily support the SWAN4Kids program.

Jeremy Vuolo describes SWAN4Kids as a “music mentoring program for children whose parents are in jail.” The organization was founded by his mother, Diana Vuolo, an accomplished violinist and music teacher who has performed with multiple symphonies and orchestras in Philadelphia. “Mama Vuolo” is also a member of a string quartet called Avalare Strings that performs popular songs by music legends including Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, Metallica, and The Beatles.

According to Jeremy, children whose parents have been incarcerated are 70 percent more likely to end up in jail themselves. The goal of his mother’s nonprofit is to help these children avoid the same fate as their parents by using music to mentor them.

Jinger Duggar talks about her own love of music in the SWAN4Kids video. Her mother-in-law’s cause is dear to her heart because she grew up in a musical household where she learned to play the piano and violin. Jeremy has become a big fan of his wife’s piano playing, writing that he “could listen to her for hours” in a post on the Jinger and Jeremy website.

Jeremy Vuolo has not revealed whether he plays any instruments, but Jinger Duggar says that her husband loves to sing.

“Music still has a big part in our house here. Jeremy’s constantly running around the house singing to me.”

According to the Duggar daughter, children don’t need an instrument to be involved with SWAN4Kids; the program also provides singing lessons. She shared a story about how she and Jeremy became involved with a vocally gifted girl named Anna who needed help refining her raw talent. Unfortunately, this was the least of Anna’s problems.

“Both of her parents were incarcerated, which left Anna to have to fend for herself,” says Jinger. “During that time, she was in the foster care system. That ended up failing, and there was no place for her stay.”

She ended up being placed in a detention center. According to Jinger, this was “a difficult season” for Anna; she had to undergo pat downs and searches even though she had done nothing wrong. She eventually met Jeremy Vuolo’s mother, and this led to an opportunity for Anna to temporarily leave the detention center.

“When Jinger and I heard Anna’s story, we actually thought that it would be a cool idea to have her come and sing the prelude at our wedding,”Jeremy recalls.


A few SWAN4Kids donors bought Anna a gown and paid for her trip to Arkansas. According to Jeremy, she was “overjoyed” by the experience.

“Knowing that Anna would have to go home to a detention center and have to be patted down and go in the doors and essentially be in a prison atmosphere, not because she’d done anything wrong, but just simply because the state didn’t have anywhere to put her, we were so glad that SWAN4Kids gave her an opportunity to not only hone her skill as a singer, but also be a part of our big day,” he says.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are asking their fans to help make a difference in the lives of kids like Anna by visiting the SWAN4Kids website and making a donation.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]