Selena Gomez Alleged Eating Disorder: Obsessed With Losing Weight Amid Possible The Weeknd Engagement

Selena Gomez is showing signs that she’s not doing too well, with a new report claiming that she’s wasting away by refusing to eat anything solid.

According to OK! Magazine, Selena Gomez has been trying to lose weight for a while, but it just so happens that in the midst of wanting to shed a few pounds, she seems to have gotten rather obsessed with the idea of being thinner.

It’s now gotten to the point where she’s lost a drastic amount of weight and friends are said to be concerned for her health, but Selena thinks that she’s not at her desired goal just yet.

A source mentions how Gomez allegedly doesn’t eat much throughout the day and when she does, she barely touches what she has on her plate.

She’s been exercising a lot, which is really bad considering the supposed fact that she’s not taking in enough nutrients to stabilize her energy levels.

An insider makes it known that Selena Gomez reportedly has an addictive personality, and while people around her have advised her to stop dieting, it’s almost as if her disorder won’t let her.

News of Selena Gomez’s supposed eating struggle comes just weeks after the singer made it known she had undergone a kidney transplant procedure over the summer, which ended up being the reason why her latest album didn’t see a release date.

It’s said that Selena will plan on releasing the record next year, followed with a world tour and a potential wedding.

For the last couple of weeks, sources have claimed that Selena’s boyfriend, The Weeknd, is ready to propose and wants to put a ring on his partner’s finger, stressing to friends that Gomez is the only woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

The duo has remained tight-lipped about any wedding plans, but should that be the case that marriage is next for the twosome, it would seem rather worrying to think that Selena Gomez is battling an eating disorder.

Could that end up clashing with the wedding plans, and better yet, even come between her relationship with The Weeknd?

[Featured Image by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]