D’Andra Simmons Calls Out Cary Deuber After Throwing A Fit Over Rumors About Husband

D’Andra Simmons has known LeeAnne Locken for years and she knows that LeeAnne has a foul mouth at times. When D’Andra was introduced to viewers on The Real Housewives of Dallas, she revealed that she had no problem standing up to her friend when she saw something was wrong. One can imagine D’Andra would have handled the situation in the doctor’s office differently than Brandi Redmond, as she may have been shocked to hear that she had gossip about Mark Deuber, Cary’s husband. But it sounds like Simmons may be taking LeeAnne’s side in the drama, as she felt Cary’s reaction in mocking Rich was immature.

According to a new report, D’Andra Simmons is now revealing that she was surprised to learn what Cary had said about LeeAnne’s future husband. In a moment of anger, Cary had revealed that Rich had a small penis and she laughed about it. When Simmons brought it up, she reveals that she thought the issue was much bigger and hinted that perhaps her co-stars were over-exaggerating about the drama. On the boat when she learned about what was said, she was shocked and she looked at the ladies with a surprised look. She couldn’t believe that people were making such a big deal out of nothing.

“Cary lets the cat out of the bag and sure enough it’s MORE childish gossip, this time about Rich’s manhood. What grown woman thinks it’s funny to make up a rumor about someone’s penis size out of nowhere, especially a woman who THROWS A FIT when her husband is gossiped about!” D’Andra Simmons explains in her Bravo blog, revealing that perhaps Cary had indeed overreacted when she heard that Locken was saying things about her.

On Twitter, Cary revealed that she felt the situations were completely different. She explained that she had made a joke about LeeAnne and Rich, while she felt that what Locken had said was completely hurtful and was meant to be painful for Cary. She also revealed that she wanted LeeAnne to apologize. D’Andra hasn’t explained what she would like to see happen, but she does think that Cary’s reaction to LeeAnne’s comments was immature and sad. She reveals that she doesn’t see Deuber’s actions as grown up.

What do you think about D’Andra Simmons’ comments about LeeAnne’s situation with Cary? Do you understand why she’s siding with her friend, calling Deuber’s actions immature?

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