Dawn Cousins Facebook Photos: ‘Very Attractive’ 44-Year-Old On ITV’s ‘This Morning’ Amuses Phillip Schofield

Dawn Cousins is a 44-year-old mother of four children who appeared on ITV’s This Morning show to speak about how “very attractive” she looks. Cousins is facing backlash for waxing on about her own good looks – apparently not heeding the proverb that says, “Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; A stranger, and not your own lips.” As seen in the video below that is going viral, Dawn spoke about how hard it was for her to find a date, claiming that the mother of four teenagers often found herself hit on by her children’s friends because she claims she looks like a 22-year-old.

The ITV hosts and viewers of the show had a lot to say about Cousins’ claims and obvious vanity. Dawn complained to the ITV hosts that most younger guys wanted to date her because she was “so hot” and that the older guys who wanted to date Dawn didn’t necessarily look good enough for her. As seen in the comments section from Dawn’s Facebook posts, like those embedded below, Cousins’ Facebook commenters begged to differ with Dawn’s attitude. Schofield was praised for trying to keep a straight face as Dawn went on and on about her own alleged beauty. Cousins commented on Facebook that she loved Phillip and that they hugged off-camera.

As reported by Unilad, Dawn called herself an obviously “very attractive woman” who looks very young. Cousins went on to proclaim that she is an atypical mother of four. Dawn said she has gotten plenty of propositions from rich men, but she doesn’t want to lower her standards and settle for someone she’s not attracted to just to live a certain lifestyle.

Dawn’s children want their mom to settle down, however, Cousins said that she will hold out until she finds her soul mate who will treat her like a princess — even if that means that Dawn doesn’t get married until she’s in her 90s.

Meanwhile, Dawn was asked to consider that perhaps it was her own perspective that needed to change, and not just those viewpoints of the guys that Cousins dates. Dawn claimed that older guys wanted her to send photos of herself to them, with Cousins looking pretty, while the guys didn’t want to return the favor and look good themselves.

Phil reminded Cousins that relationships weren’t all about vanity or looks.

“You are a very confident woman, there is no question about that. It is going to be intimidating, not to say unattractive, to him for a woman to be that confident and to say, ‘I am gorgeous, I am hot, I am too good for you’. Maybe that’s why you’re single?”

However, Dawn wasn’t buying it and went on to speak about the men who refused to lose weight and become healthy.

“What I don’t agree with is a guy who could lose a few pounds, lead a healthier lifestyle, not do it because they’ve got a woman.”

[Featured Image by Dewald Kirsten/Shutterstock]