Cary Deuber Not Willing To Address Rumors That Her Husband Is Cheating With Men?

Cary Deuber was shocked when she heard that LeeAnne Locken was speaking about her marriage behind her back. She learned that LeeAnne had told Brandi Redmond that Mark Deuber was getting oral sex from other men at a local spot in Dallas. Locken claims she knew this because she knew one of the guys involved. Of course, this isn’t the first time that LeeAnne has claimed that she knows something about Cary’s marriage, as she confronted them on the Real Housewives of Dallas reunion show last year. On the show, Deuber broke down in tears as she was furious that this would be discussed on The Real Housewives of Dallas.

While the show was airing, Cary decided to discuss the entire trip on social media, but she never really went into details about the rumor. She didn’t even deny it. According to a new tweet, Cary Deuber is merely sharing that she wants an apology from LeeAnne Locken and she wants her co-star to never make mention of it again. However, Locken doesn’t want to apologize, possibly because she feels she knows the truth about Deuber’s marriage and that Mark Deuber occasionally cheats with other men. Cary has already revealed that he has an active sex drive and she admits that she can’t always keep up with his demands.

“Just like Cary owned it, the difference is she was joking and you were repeating a nasty rumor!” one person wrote to LeeAnne on Twitter, who claimed she owned the rumor, to which Cary added, “When are we going to realize that “owning it” just isn’t enough. What does it even mean?! You need to apologize AND also not do it again.”

“You can’t cry about it when you were doing the same joking or not you both were wrong, & ‘just joking’ doesn’t justify it!” one person wrote to Cary, who had joked about LeeAnne’s future husband having a small penis, to which Deuber revealed, “I agree & never suggested that it was justified. I still believe it’s the same wrong. What hurts more is that she’s promised not to do that.”

Deuber has already revealed that she made a mistake by bringing up Rich’s private parts on The Real Housewives of Dallas. She claims that she was joking, but one could argue she brought it up to hurt LeeAnne even though she wasn’t present. But LeeAnne may also have brought up the rumors about Mark to cause pain. On the previews for the next episode, Cary Deuber will tell her husband about the rumor and he will ask when the gossip will be enough. Perhaps he feels that these rumors will ruin his reputation as a doctor in Dallas.

What do you think about Cary Deuber’s comments on Twitter? Are you surprised that she’s not addressing the rumor directly?

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