Kelly Dodd To Encourage Tamra Judge To Forgive Vicki Gunvalson And Get Her Friendship Back?

Kelly Dodd appears to be a strong woman on The Real Housewives of Orange County. She never takes anything for granted and is fiercely protective of her good friends. She is often defending Vicki Gunvalson, even though many of their shared co-stars don’t like her anymore. Shannon Beador has no interest in a friendship with Vicki, and she has vowed never to let her in her life again. Tamra Judge, on the other hand, was open to a meeting with Gunvalson, which played out on Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. But it sounds like Kelly believes that Vicki and Tamra should work out their issues because she would love to see them back together as friends.

This was something that Dodd discussed as she shared her own heartbreak. According to a new report, Kelly Dodd is now opening up about her decision to suddenly file for divorce. A few weeks ago, Dodd announced that she would be filing for divorce when she returned home from a trip to Germany. Kelly revealed that she was tired of fighting with her husband, Michael, and felt they would be better if they weren’t together. Interestingly, Kelly relates her pain from her divorce to the pain that Vicki is going through with Tamra.

“It’s a difficult, emotional time right now for my family. We appreciate everyone who has reached out to express support and best wishes to us. I enjoy having my dad around, but watching my mom and dad argue brings back a lot of painful memories. I love them both, and I just wish they could be friends, forgive and forget, and try harder to get along. I wish the same for Tamra and Vicki’s relationship,” Kelly Dodd explained on her Bravo blog.

It’s interesting that Kelly isn’t threatened by Gunvalson making up with Tamra Judge. The two used to be close friends, and it is admirable that she’s encouraging her friend to make peace with her past. Of course, Vicki tried to make up with Tamra, but Judged ended up walking away from the conversation. She felt that she wasn’t getting an apology, and they ended up fighting more than talking. It sounds like the effort wasn’t working, and Vicki may need a shoulder to cry on, just as Kelly needs one after filing for divorce.

What do you think about Kelly Dodd’s decision to compare her painful decision to divorce to the pain that her friend is going through because of her failed friendship with Judge?

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