Bethenny Frankel Says She’s Losing Weight And Adds Fans Shouldn’t Believe The White House

Bethenny Frankel has put her entire life on hold as she’s devoting herself to helping the people of Puerto Rico. Over the past couple of weeks, Frankel has realized that no one seems invested in helping the innocent people of the small island as they try to survive on with no food or drinkable water. Bethenny has hustled to gather supplies, financial aid, and even medical supplies to people in need. Last week, she even transferred a sick boy who was living on a generator to Florida, where he could get the medical attention he needed. Even though she has traveled to Puerto Rico herself, Bethenny reveals that the fight is far from over. She has millions of pounds ready for departure, but she needs more planes to get the supplies to Puerto Rico.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel reveals she has lost four pounds over the past couple of weeks from all the running around she’s been doing. Frankel has been in New York whenever she has her daughter Bryn in her care, but when the youngster is with her father, Frankel is on the ground, ensuring that the supplies are moving and people are getting the help they need.

“1) This is a former Staff Sergeant and Calvary Scout. He is in Puerto Rico. He’s telling you the truth. FEMA and POTUS are lying to us,” one Twitter account stated, sharing a video of a group of people in Puerto Rico claiming that the White House isn’t telling the truth about the situation in Puerto Rico. Bethenny Frankel agreed, writing, “This is MY POINT! I’m working on my 40th plane, I’ve lost 4 lbs, 0 sleep, working on a multi mil lb L0AD #BSTRONG.”

While Bethenny Frankel hasn’t publicly called out the White House for lying about the situation, her personal experiences in Puerto Rico are definitely much different than the story coming from the White House. While President Trump says that great progress is being made, Frankel claims that people are dying because they are not getting any help. She acknowledges that she’s doing everything she can for the people of Puerto Rico, but it may not be enough. The death toll has climbed despite her best efforts, and she has even called out the Mayors of local towns that are not necessarily helping. Frankel has also reached out to companies and rich individuals to encourage them to get involved to get more supplies to people in need as quickly as possible.

What do you think about Bethenny Frankel losing weight so quickly? Are you surprised she’s working so hard to ensure the people of Puerto Rico are getting supplies to survive?

[Featured Image by Rob Kim/Getty Images]