Nathan Griffith Reacts As His Son Cries For Food: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Says Editing Makes Jenelle Look Good

Nathan Griffith hasn’t really filmed Teen Mom 2 lately, as he’s not involved in Jenelle Evans’ life anymore. The two share custody of Kaiser, and even though Jenelle wants to go to court to get full custody of her son, she does have to share his son with Nathan. He is always gushing on social media when he finally gets to see his son, but Nathan may not have been pleased when he saw last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2. During the episode, David Eason was seen grabbing Kaiser’s arm and dragging him back to a swingset where Jace was hanging out so he and Jenelle could take their wedding date photos for their big announcement.

While fans were shocked and called David abusive, one can imagine that Griffith’s heart was breaking as another man grabbed his son’s arm as he was crying. MTV added subtitles to the scene, revealing that Kaiser was calling out for food, but Jenelle has denied these claims. According to a new tweet, Nathan Griffith is now breaking his silence. While he doesn’t address David directly, he does reveal that MTV does edit the footage they are given and reveals that they edit the footage to make Evans look like a good mother. In other words, he believes that Kaiser is actually exposed to much worse than what played out on the show yesterday.

“It’s called Teen Mom, not teen dad! MTV and Teen Mom cannot risk the girls quitting, sooo… some are made to look a lot better than they are,” Nathan Griffith tweeted this morning.

It’s interesting that he’s claiming MTV is editing the footage to make Jenelle look like she’s a great mother when she claims it’s the complete opposite. She claims that the network is constantly trying to make her look bad, and she has often threatened to leave the show behind because she doesn’t want to look like a horrible mother when she doesn’t feel like she’s horrible. There have been abuse accusations from Nathan’s mother against Jenelle before, so Nathan may be pleased that footage supports his story. Unlike Evans, Griffith didn’t delete his Twitter account when he was faced with harsh criticism about his role as a father.

“They all threaten to quit but MTV knows they won’t. They need that paycheck. Ratings are more important than child abuse and neglect,” one person wrote back to Nathan Griffith.

Another added about Kaiser, “Please do something to save your son before you don’t have a son to save. Last night’s episode was the most heartbreaking thing I’ve seen.”

What do you think Nathan Griffith’s response should have been after watching last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2? Do you think it’s fair of Griffith to demand that David shouldn’t be touching or disciplining Kaiser while he’s with Evans?

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