Gordon Ramsay Slams Jamie Oliver: ‘MasterChef’ Judge Says He Can Never Forgive Jamie Over Rude Comments

The kitchen is known for its extremely hot temperatures, but it looks like the heat has gone on to two famous celebrity chefs – Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. In a recent interview, the 50-year-old host of “MasterChef” said that he can never forgive Oliver for his rude comments about his children.

Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay are two of the most popular chefs in television and in the food world. They have a huge following across the world, but it looks like these two will never be fans of each other. In a recent interview with Radio Times, Ramsay shared that he has no plans to speak with Oliver unless he apologizes to his wife, Tana, for the rude remarks he made about Ramsay and his family in an earlier interview.

Ramsay was referring to one of Oliver’s previous interviews, wherein the 42-year-old chef said that he had five kids while Ramsay only had four. This would have been nothing but a snarky yet meaningless comment, Ramsay said it was outrightly rude and disrespectful, especially to his wife, Tana, whom he said was hurt after hearing Oliver’s remarks.

“Boys will always fight and butt heads but Tana was mortified, I mean really mortified.”

Ramsay recounted that he and his wife were going through such a tough year that time, as they lost their baby when Tana was five months pregnant. In the same year, Ramsay’s daughter suffered from a collapsed lung, so Oliver’s comments hit the family so hard.

Gordon Ramsay and his family
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This is not the first time that Ramsay and Oliver have clashed and slammed each other during interviews. Oliver felt that their drama can be good since it does them a bit of PR, but many fans thought that these two can slam each other without involving their family, much more their kids.

It seems like Ramsay will never be able to forgive Oliver for his snarky remarks and will continue to look for ways to slam the celebrity chef. As the publication notes, Ramsay recently slammed Oliver for being a hypocrite over the issue of healthy eating.

Ramsay felt that it was right for Oliver to just stick with being a chef rather than acting like he is a politician. Ramsay said that Oliver was only good at opening his mouth “when he’s got something to promote.”

What do you think of Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver’s feud?

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