‘Vikings’ Season 6 Finally Begins Production, Katheryn Winnick Confirms Lagertha’s Return As Queen Of Kattegat

Fans are still waiting for the premiere of Vikings Season 5 but it looks like History is not wasting any time in moving forward with the successful drama series. The sixth season of the show has already started filming and the production may have confirmed that one particular character will survive the bloody civil war this November. Will Lagertha continue to reign as the Queen of Kattegat in Vikings Season 6?

There is little doubt that fans are already beginning to fear for the mortality of certain characters in Vikings. After all, the second half of the fourth season featured the death of Ragnar Lothbrok, who has been the lead character since the beginning. Ragnar’s demise has led to speculations that his ex-wife Lagertha might be next, especially since Ivar the Boneless has vowed to kill the Queen of Kattegat for murdering his mother Aslaug. However, it looks like Ragnar’s crippled son will now keep his promise, at least perhaps after Vikings Season 6.

Katheryn Winnick has been keeping fans updated on social media on what is happening in the History show. Most recently, the star of The Dark Tower has shared an Instagram photo of herself at the Ireland set with the caption, “Back shooting.. Vikings season 6.”

Back shooting.. Vikings season 6. ⚔️

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The sight of Katheryn Winnick back in Kattegat immediately got a collective sigh of relief from Lagertha supporters. Several fans have been worried that the Queen of Kattegat will be one of the major casualties in the fifth season where a civil war is expected to take place. There is a possibility that Lagertha will outlive most of Ragnar Lothbrok’s sons except for the one who is destined to kill her. Hopefully, the former shieldmaiden will survive several seasons after Vikings Season 6.

The Queen of Kattegat is expected to continue her reign in 'Vikings' Season 6. [Image by History]
The Queen of Kattegat is expected to continue her reign in 'Vikings' Season 6. [Image by History]

There is no question that Lagertha will make it through the fifth season but who will end up dead this fall? There are speculations that King Harald Finehair will be killed in Vikings Season 6 because of his plans to usurp Lagertha and rule Kattegat. It is also possible that one of Ragnar Lothbrok’s sons will die on the battlefield.

Vikings Season 5 will premiere on History on November 29. The air date of the sixth season has not yet been announced since production has just started.

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