Teresa Giudice Loves Joe’s New Body

Teresa Giudice is rumored to be in awe of husband Joe’s new slimmed down look.

Joe Giudice is still serving out the remainder of his 41-month sentence on fraud charges, and word is that since being on the inside, he’s already lost more than just a few pounds.

Bravo TV reports the Real Housewives of New Jersey star has taken to openly raving about how “good” her reality TV husband now looks.

With her new book, Standing Strong, Giudice has grown to be as candid as ever where her husband is concerned, with much of what she’s had to say not always being complimentary.

“Writing my new book was really therapeutic for me to write because after the loss of my mom, that’s when I started getting really angry,” Giudice recently shared. “I lost time out with my mom. I lost 11-and-a-half months with her, so I got angry, and that’s what you see in the book. I got it all out.”

Before Joe began serving out his sentence, Teresa spent nearly a year behind bars on fraud charges similar to the ones that landed Joe behind bars.

“Sometimes when you let everything out, you feel better, and you can move on from it,” she said. “I let Joe know how I felt, and so he knows, and hopefully things will just get better from here.”

Giudice’s mom, Antonia Gorga, passed away soon after her daughter was released from prison in December of 2016.

“My mom passed away, which was so devastating,” Giudice told ABC News. “I still can’t believe that. I’d take going to jail 10 more times than not losing my mom.”

The 45-year-old reality star also recently shared that her anger over her mom’s death made it easier for her to publicly vent about her struggles with Joe.

“After my mom passed away, that’s when I got really angry because I felt like I lost time with my mom and I got mad at him,” she said.

Joe Giudice remains behind bars after fraud conviction. [Image by Kena Betancur/Getty Images]

Giudice said making her hard times all the more difficult to deal with was her knowing that it was taking such a toll on her parents.

“I know it took a toll on my parents,” she said, adding that her mom was sick for three months before finally succumbing to her illness.

Since her death, her dad has moved in with her family.

“He’s like my fifth kid,” she said. “They were married for 47 years.”

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