‘Donny Daycare’ Trends On Twitter After William LeGate Finds A Way To Make Pro-Trump Twitter Bots Insult Trump

A Twitter user named William LeGate is being credited with finding an ingenious way to trick the so-called pro-Trump Twitter bots designed to hit back at any anti-Trump tweets. As seen in the below Twitter moment named “Trolling Trump’s Twitter Bots,” LeGate changed his Twitter profile name to , found at on Twitter. After LeGate changed his Twitter name to #DonnyDaycare, William was able to ferret out those pro-Trump Twitter bots that automatically reply with tweets supporting Trump.


The #DonnyDaycare hashtag was inspired after Senator Bob Corker tweeted the below tweet, which called the White House an “adult daycare center” that needed more supervision. LeGate seized the “Donny Daycare” moment after the entrepreneur and programmer who had been blocked by President Trump’s Twitter account used “Donny Daycare” as his new profile name. As seen in LeGate’s popular tweet below, William noted that Trump bots were referring to him as “Donny Daycare” in tweets like those that wrote to LeGate, “Donny go back to your daycare.” With the so-called Trump bots automatically replying to LeGate’s Twitter name as the hashtag #DonnyDaycare, those same pro-Trump bots helped to propel the anti-Trump #DonnyDaycare name to new heights, beating the so-called “King of Bots” — Brad Parscale, Trump’s digital media director — at his own game, as reported by the Inquisitr.



Some of the tweets featured in the Twitter Moment feature memes that have turned the White House into a baby’s crib, and President Trump into a crying toddler. Other tweets in the Twitter Moment feature LeGate tweeting about a #PutinBot, or show pro-Trump tweets telling the #DonnyDaycare profile to go back to his parents’ basement. Therefore, the pro-Trump tweets have inadvertently made the #DonnyDaycare hashtag more popular, causing the Trump-insulting hashtag to gain visibility.

As seen in the above and below photos, William was photographed on November 6, 2014, in Dublin, Ireland, at the 2014 Web Summit at the RDS. Meanwhile, LeGate’s Twitter following has swelled to more than 105,000 followers, as William includes tweets that shows the day the @RealDonaldTrump account blocked LeGate.

Donny Daycare Twitter user name exposes Twitter bots replying to anti-Trump tweets.
William LeGate [Image by Stephen McCarthy / SPORTSFILE via Getty Images]

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