Will Kate Middleton Make a Twin Revelation At Her First Public Appearance Since Pregnancy Announcement?

Kate Middleton is set to make her first public appearance since the palace announced her pregnancy five weeks ago. Could this appearance be coupled with the announcement that Duchess Catherine and Prince William are expecting more than one royal baby? Perhaps twins?

On Tuesday, October 10, Duchess Kate is expected to participate in World Mental Health Day, along with her husband, Prince William, and brother-in-law, Prince Harry, at Buckingham Palace. This is the very first time that she will have been in public since the announcement that Kate and Wills are expecting another royal baby.

Kate Middleton has been suffering from an acute morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum. In the past, she was hospitalized because the symptoms were so bad. Apparently, her symptoms have subsided, and Catherine is ready to perform her royal duties once again.

According to Elle UK, there will be a reception at Bucks Palace, where the trio will talk about their mental health organization, Heads Together, as well as recognize those who have been involved in the mental health sector.

Heads Together was specifically created by Kate, William, and Harry to take away the stigma associated with mental illness. All three have been very active in promoting Heads Together, including going on the radio.

While Kate, William, and Harry’s mental health charity work is very important, there is no doubt that all eyes will be on Catherine’s baby bump!

This may especially be true as, according to Yahoo Australia, Will and Kate are allegedly expecting twin royal babies!

Using information from a “report” from New Idea magazine, an insider source claims that the Duke and Duchess are expecting double trouble.

“Wills and Kate have certainly been busy making arrangements for not just one, but two royal babies.”

In addition, William and Catherine are reportedly preparing their abode at Kensington Palace for the new arrivals. They are making way for new members of the family.

More children mean that the Cambridges will surely need more help. This includes interviewing an extra nanny to assist with their current Spanish nanny Maria.

“They’re also interviewing for another nanny to help Maria and they’re looking to arrange even more renovations to make an extra nursery.”

Yahoo also has reported that allegedly, they are fraternal twins. There will be one boy royal baby and one girl royal baby. Their source has reported that Kate and William have already given both children quite familiar royal names.

“She and Wills have already chosen names – we’ve been told that they’re looking at Elizabeth for a girl, after their Queen, of course, and Henry for a boy.”

The biggest surprise here is that all rumors have indicated that if the Cambridges have a baby girl, they planned on naming her Alice. The name Elizabeth is one of Princess Charlotte’s middle names. As for the name Henry, this is actually Prince Harry’s first name. Harry is a nickname that Diana preferred.

Nonetheless, if this rumor is true, then Kate and William are continuing their traditional royal name trend with these two names. Both Elizabeth and Henry are two of the most powerful names in all of British royal history.

What is quite unusual is that there have not been royal twins in over 500 years. This could be quite exciting for royal watchers, should this report be true.

Are you looking forward to the new photos of Kate Middleton’s first public appearance since her pregnancy announcement? What do you think of the possibility of the double trouble fun of royal twins? Do you like the names Elizabeth and Henry for new royal babies? Please share your opinions below!

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Pool/Getty Images]