Suri Cruise 2017: Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise’s Daughter Remains Happy Despite Dad’s Absence Due To Scientology

It’s no secret that Suri Cruise has not seen her dad Tom Cruise for a long time and Scientology is most likely to blame for their strained relationship. But despite the Mission: Impossible 6 actor’s absence in his daughter’s life, it appears that the 11-year-old still grew up to be a happy kid.

Being the daughter of Hollywood superstar, Tom Cruise, and America’s sweetheart, Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise instantly became one of the most popular celebrity kids to date whether she likes it or not. And because of that status, the young child has been repeatedly followed by paparazzi to see what she looks like now and to know how she’s doing.

Surprisingly, despite growing up without a father, Suri Cruise is living a pretty normal life. In fact, the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is doing most things that kids her age are doing like going to school and taking ballet lessons.

Even though it has never been easy for Katie Holmes after she filed for divorce from Tom Cruise back in 2012, she has always noted that she enjoyed being a mom to Suri Cruise. Although it was never confirmed, many believed that their failed marriage was a result of the Mission: Impossible 6 actor’s loyalty to Scientology.

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The cult-like religion is known for separating families once a member decided to leave the organization. So when Katie Holmes ended her marriage from Tom Cruise, the actor was expected to fully disconnect from her and their daughter.

However, a previous report claimed that Tom Cruise was ready to meet up with Katie Holmes to discuss their daughter’s future. The report shared that the actor is taking his Scientology-approved sit-down with the Dawson’s Creek actress as a chance to discuss that he would want to have a “regular visitation schedule with Suri.”

However, the reps of Katie Holmes quickly denied the claims that she and the Mission: Impossible 6 actor are going to meet up to talk about Suri Cruise.

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Scientology was first introduced to Tom Cruise by his first wife Mimi Rogers and instantly got hooked to it. The 55-year-old actor eventually became the face of the controversial church and even formed a special bond with leader David Miscavige.

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